After-school classes are now in-school

Ritu Khurana

Nearly all elementary school students also go to some kind of after-school classes. Sports, Music and Enrichment classes are the three most popular categories. They are important for providing holistic education to children.

Usually parents enroll their children for these activities via park and recreation departments or with private music schools, sports academies and other small businesses that offer these classes.
Along with those places, now these classes are also popularly being offered on the school campuses by vendors. Companies rent out rooms from the school district and offer classes at school premises. This is a win-win-win situation.

Parents don’t have to drive or adjust their work schedules to take their kids to these after-school classes. The students can simply stay one hour late at school and do this activity. Children also like taking these classes on their familiar school campus with their friends and classmates, hence learn more. This business model is beneficial for the business owner as there are no fixed costs of owning or leasing a space.

Gurus Education is one such fast expanding company that offers their programs on school campuses and in partnership with park and recreation departments of many cities and school districts all over the Bay Area. Gurus Education offers life-skill enrichment programs to students that include Public Speaking with confidence, Debates, Money -Money and Active Life style classes.Gurus Education is a Fremont, CA based company and under the leadership of its Founder Ritu Khurana, GE has expanded to over 150 locations in Bay Area. It is now expanding in India and China. They also offer franchise opportunities all over US.

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