Air India schedule from Chicago




CHICAGO: India Post, in its May 31, 2019, issue carried a report on Air India’s new schedule. Inadvertently, the report indicated that the A126 non-stop flight from Chicago will depart at 12 midnight.

The correct time is 12 noon (PM)    and  not  midnightNight. The error is regretted. According to the new schedule, effective June 01, 2019, Air India’s daily non-stop flight AI-126 departs from Chicago at 12 noon  and arrives int New Delhi at 2.15 p.m. the following day and continues onward to Hyderabad. This schedule offers the fastest service from Chicago to Delhi with immediate connections to a host of cities in India.

In the return direction, flight AI-127 departs from Delhi at 10.05 p.m. and arrives in Chicago at 7:25 a.m. the following day. Passengers have the entire day to take connecting flights to all US interior cities. AI-127 will take a longer route, making a technical stop in Stockholm for refueling, due to airspace closure. Passengers will remain on board the flight during this halt in Stockholm. This flight offers international connections from Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Amritsar, and Kolkata.

The Air India management urges all passengers holding bookings to contact their travel consultant or the nearest Air India office for updated information on their reservation and for rebooking their itinerary in case of misconnection due to advanced departure from Chicago and Delhi.