Air India shines through Yemen Operation

Air India plane in Yemen
Air India plane in Yemen

CHICAGO: After the record evacuation from Kuwait, Air India has once again created history in human relief work. Beginning this month till April 9, Air India has not only evacuated all Indian workers safely from war torn Yemen, it has also rescued many foreigners, including Pakistanis.

The bravo operation was carried out by the commercial airliner with its team of civilian crew members. The Air India Chicago office was agog with the pulse setting ongoing operation in Yemen. Nukul Chand, Air India Midwest Manager, shared Air India relief operation story with an air of pride.

Air India has evacuated and brought home over 4600 Indians and 960 other nationals from 41 countries, including Pakistanis, from the war-ravaged Yemen’s Sanaa airport. Operation Rahat was carried out with an Airbus A321 aircraft from Djibouti to Sanaa passing through Saudi Arabian air space. The last flight that carried 180 workers was like a commando operation.

The flight was piloted by Captain Rishabh Kapoor and Ashish Sharma and other crew members. They were guided by Union Minister of State (independent charge) and former Indian Army chief V K Singh on board. The flight was at first refused permission to land at Sanaa Airport which was controlled by rebels. However, Captain continued pleading with Sanaa control tower for landing permission which was finally granted.

The heroic rescue operation has once again proved that Air India reaches for Indians wherever they are in trouble or in need. A smiling Nukul said, “For Indians abroad, Air India relation is a family matter. And you care for everyone in a family”. He also shared the Chicago flight success story. Air India Chicago non-stop flight to Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and other destinations is a favorite choice for travelers.
Amidst toughest market conditions with three major Middle East airlines operating from Chicago to all Indian destinations, along with other brand European carriers, Air India daily non-stop flight remains the preferred choice by Indian Americans. Nukul claims, “Once you travel Air India from Chicago to India, you keep traveling Air India only. And there is more than one reason for that. Air India saves flying hours to any Indian destination compared to other airlines. The food offered on board is delicious and served according to flying hours. The economy seat configuration of 3+3+3 is more comfortable than other airlines. And for entertainment, Air India has room for every taste and plenty of games for the kids.”

Air India Chicago flight arrival and departure timings are also most convenient for travelers. It leaves at 1.30 pm from Chicago arriving 2.25 pm Delhi. Passengers are transferred to Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Amritsar within 2-3 hours. They reach home for family dinner; clearing customs and immigration within minutes as no other international flights are landing at that time on most Indian airports.

All other airlines are simultaneously landing in mid-night hours at all major Indian airports making customs and immigration clearance through long queues. The same happens when passengers reach Chicago from India at 9.30am.

There are fewer international arrivals at O’Hare airport early morning hours, facilitating Air India travelers’ immigration and customs within minutes.

A.Q. Siddiqui
India Post News Service

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