Americans4Hindus organized a fundraiser for Arjun Batra

Arjun Batra
Arjun Batra for City Council, District 10, San Jose
Arjun Batra
San Jose Councilmember Batra with Americans4Hindus, Founder, Dr. Romesh Japra

Ritu Maheshwari
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SAN JOSE, CA: Americans4Hindus organized a fundraiser for Arjun Batra for his City of San Jose District 10 City Council Campaign. It was held on Sunday, December 3rd, 2023 at beautiful home of Arshia & Karan Gupta in San Jose. Hundreds of people gathered to show their support for Batra’s candidacy. Americans4Hindu Founder, Dr. Romesh Japra said that it’s very important to have Hindus and Pro- Hindus in political and policy-making arena. He expressed confidence that Arjun Batra will be successful in 2024 election and continue to do great work.

Arjun Batra is the councilmember of the San José City Council for District 10. He holds an MBA degree and has extensive international background knowledge gained from working and managing in the technology industry, which enables him to better understand the concerns and issues of his residents and neighbors. He worked at IBM and Intel before retiring and joining former Mayor Sam Liccardo’s Technology and Innovation office as an Encore Fellow. Batra has served the City of San José in various pro-bono roles, including the Smart City Advisory Board and the San José Information Technology Advisory Committee.

 Arjun Batra
Americans4Hindus team endorsing Arjun Batra for City Council 2024

His goal is to make San José the greenest, safest, and most convenient city to live, work, and raise a family in by advocating to find necessary solutions to address homelessness and housing issues that are prominent in the city today. Batra is the first Indian-American on the council since Ash Kalra. Batra and his family have lived in District 10 for over 40 years. His wife, an environmental engineer, is an ESL Instructor at MetroEd Adult Education Center, while his two sons are alumni of Leland High School, University of California – Berkeley, Columbia, and Harvard Law Schools.

Americans4Hindus endorsed Arjun Batra for City Council 2024.  The endorsement read as:

We, at Americans4Hindus, are thrilled to extend our full endorsement to Arjun Batra for the City Council of San Jose in the forthcoming election. Arjun Batra exemplifies the virtues of visionary leadership, unwavering commitment, and a deep-seated dedication to the San Jose community, ensuring its growth and prosperity.

Arun Batra
People gathered to support Arjun Batra for City Council, San Jose, District 10

Arjun is a staunch advocate for unity and inclusivity, standing firmly against any form of prejudice or discrimination towards any group, religion, or community. His proactive efforts in combating the issues of Hinduphobia and advocating for a society that treasures its diversity are commendable.

As a civic leader, Arjun has continually displayed attributes of honesty, devotion, and an enduring commitment to not only San Jose but to the broader California and American communities. Our organization, dedicated to the rights of Hindu Americans, recognizes and values Arjun’s steadfast dedication to our nation and its varied populace. His patriotic zeal and passion for serving San Jose mark him as a distinguished candidate for the City Council.

Arjun Batra
Thanks to the hosts Karan and Arshia Gupta (right most)

Arjun’s profound understanding of the issues faced by the Hindu American community, coupled with his effective approach to these challenges, make him an invaluable asset to both our community and the country. He is committed to creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness, diversity, and equity, ensuring all perspectives are heard and represented.

Americans4Hindus firmly believes in the principles of equality, justice, and religious liberty, which are fundamental to American ideals. We are confident that Arjun Batra, with his strong ethical values, comprehensive knowledge, and steadfast dedication, will uphold these tenets, endeavoring to foster a community that celebrates its cultural diversity.

Through his significant contributions and devoted service, Arjun Batra has established himself as an exemplary leader and defender of the rights of all citizens, including Hindu Americans. His dedication to strengthening community bonds and upholding the values that define our nation is truly commendable.

Arjun Batra
Americans4Hindus team endorsing Arjun Batra for City Council 2024

On behalf of Americans4Hindus, we wholeheartedly endorse Arjun Batra for the City Council of San Jose. We trust in his ability to be a beacon of progress and inspiration for all residents, making a positive difference in the lives of many.

Romesh Japra M.D., Founder/Chairman, Americans4Hindus
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