Baba Bujha Singh remembered in Medford

Baba Burja Singh and Smt Hardeep Kaur Mann
Baba Burja Singh and Smt Hardeep Kaur Mann

Gita Patil
MEDFORD, MA: To commemorate the 38th death anniversary of Baba Bujha Singh, a freedom fighter, Indian revolutionary leader and an activist of the Ghadar Party, Community Langar was held at Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar, Medford, MA, on Sunday July 29.
Baba Bujha Singh died on July 28, 1970. Hundreds of devotees attended Satang and Langar at the Gurdwara to honor his life and work for social justice and dignity of common people. The Langar was at the behest of Smt Hardeep Kaur Mann and Jaspal Singh.

As a Ghadar Party leader in Argentina, Bujha Singh tried to overthrow British colonialism in India. He returned to India, after studying at the Comintern University, Moscow and China. Baba later joined the Communist Party of India. Within the Communist Party, he was a prominent figure in the protester faction that eventually formed the Lal Communist Party in 1948.
Baba Bujha Singh criticized the positions adopted by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union as ‘anti-communist’ and argued that the 1956 congress would eventually lead to the disintegration of the Soviet Union. In 1967, he resumed political activism in the wake of the 1967 Naxalbari uprising. In the later years of his life, Baba Bujha Singh became passive and did not involve himself in party politics. Even then, he was killed in a police encounter in July 27 near Phillaur.

After Baba Resham Singh offered Shraddhanjali to Baba Bujha Singh, Smt Hardeep Kaur Mann presented her Shradhanjali to her grandfather narrating his life and work to the attendees.
Baba Bujha Singh was supporter of the people’s struggle for better life. He dedicated his life’s 40 years to the struggle for freedom and revolution in India.

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