Bay Area Bihu celebration by the Assamese community

Bihu Celebration

Bihu CelebrationMayashree Baruah

The San Francisco Bay Area Assamese community came together on April 23, 2022 after a hiatus of two years to celebrate Rongali Bihu, a spring festival of the Assamese people. Over 200 people participated in this radiant and festive event at ICC Milpitas and continued to enjoy the captivating cultural bonanza until almost late night. The event started with a “Meet and Greet” over “Jolpan”, snack time featuring crowd sourced authentic delicacies such as Laru, pitha and other treats. The dinner included an expansive authentic Assamese cuisine.

This growing and vibrant multigenerational community has been continuing this tradition of showcasing the culture, particularly the rich classical and folk art forms of Assam for about 20 years now. The community witnessed many debutants on the stage including elementary school kids learning and presenting traditional Bihu dance, singing folks songs for the first time as also experienced juniors and young adults who have been perfecting their crafts over the years, either learning locally within the community or remotely from professionals in Assam.

This is a testament to the power of global connection. The audience was entranced primarily by the high standards of performance the children presented. Highlights of the performance included Bihu dance, folk music performances, an enchanting Krishna-Gopi dance based on Xotriya art form, recitation of popular Assamese poetry, orchestra and medleys of old Assamese songs in contemporary style and an icing on the top was the Bihu Hussorie and open dance floor as we wrapped up the event. The audience also included grandparents and visitors from Assam who were immensely uplifted and delighted by the enthusiasm.IMG_7230

The event was meticulously planned by the organizing committee of volunteers from the community. In spite of their busy day schedules, they came together to pay attention to every single detail so all participants and audience could engage in this social experience and rekindle with our cultural roots. It is encouraging to see the next generation growing up in California, are able to embrace and integrate in this cultural diversity.

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