Bay Area joins global protest on Malda

webFREMONT, CA: In recent months the onslaught of Islamic Jihad has taken alarming proportions in different parts of the world. The groups ISIS and other Jihadi organizations have attacked different cities like Paris, San Bernardino, Pathankot, Jakarta, Lagos and many more. India is also under severe threat from these Jihadi organizations which are hell bent to bring communal disturbance by killing of innocents in the name of religion.

Recently a violent mob of more than 2,50,000 Jihadis created havoc in the city of Kalicachak near Malda where they attacked Border Security Force of India, burnt down police stations, attacked local Hindu minority houses, business and temples under the banner of a Jihadi organization called Erada-e-Sharif, Kaliachak.

The mob went ahead shouting ISIS slogans and vowed to make India an Islamic slave. Experts say this was part of the effort to destroy the evidence by burning proof against fake currency trade, poppy growing business and anti-Indian activities.

Apart from many sections of mainstream media and Indian government, Indians globally have reacted strongly against this acute threat by protesting and showing solidarity to the persecuted lot. A series of protests were organized in New York, Washington DC, London, Manchester, Houston, Chicago, Edison, Tokyo, Calgary, Brazil and some other locations too.

As part of this global protest, many entrepreneurs, technocrats and local IT engineers came out under the banner of “Overseas Friends of Bengal” to protest against this ongoing Islamic Jihad against people of other faiths. This event took place in Centerville Community Park at Fremont.

Talking to the press, President of Overseas Friends of Bengal, Judhajit Sen Mazumdar said, “When a Dadri happens, every other celebrity or political party flies down to comment and gather support but when a Malda happens, no one cares. So it’s we, the global community, which has taken up the cause to let the world know what’s happening all around. We can’t let some opportunists to ruin the life of those persecuted”.

Community leaders like Dr Romesh Japra and Chandru Bhambra have echoed the same emotion and showed their strong support towards the cause. Local media in charge of Hindu American Foundation Somanjana Chatterjee, Spiritual leader Yogi Mahender and technocrats/entrepreneurs from the Valley like Joydeep Dey, Shashi Rao, Manas Roy, Anirban Kundu, Mainak Mitra, Debasish Bose, Sourav Dutta etc. also joined the event. People from far way places like Sacremento,Tracy etc. also took part in this protest by holding posters and sharing intellectual discourse.

India Post News Service

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