Bay Area residents remember Naranjibhai V. Patel

Naranjibhai Vithalbhai PatelSUNNYVALE, CA: A condolence meeting (shok sabha) was held on May 3 at Sunnyvale Hindu Temple to honor the memory of Naranjibhai Vithalbhai Patel who passed away on Wednesday April 23 in San Jose. The meeting was attended by over 500 Bay area residents from all walks of life. The family requested making a donation to the National Kidney Foundation.

The condolence meeting was told there are in our community many individuals that have succeeded in building their business empire or attained fame and fortune, but there are few that have given back so much to the community. Naranjibhai V. Patel was one of the few individuals who always put the needs of others in before his own needs. His humility was quite refreshing, especially when we look at the materialistic world that we live in.
Naranjibhai Vithalbhai Patel was born in Varad India in 1938.

In 1955 he moved to Nairobi for a short time before making England his home for the next 20 years.

Naranjibhai married Shantaben in Melton Mowbray, England in October of 1961. Soon, they were blessed with the arrival of two children; Nila and Ashwin.

In 1974 he and his family migrated to San Jose, CA. Naranjibhai began a successful career in Hospitality and Real Estate.

Although he was a successful businessman he soon realized that his true passion was serving the community. Naranjibhai was instrumental in establishing numerous organizations: ICA of the South Bay, First Indo American Bank, Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation, DAS (Devotional Associates of Sitaram), CCF (Charitable Care Foundation), SF-USA (Sanskruti Foundation-USA) and BAGS (Bay Area Gujarati Samaj).

The one organization Naranjibhai was most passionate about was the Hindu Temple and Community Center, South Bay. Over the past 20 years he spent a majority of his time overseeing the development and completion of the temple and community center. He leaves behind a lasting legacy to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Along with being involved in US based organizations he also believed it was important to remember your roots. In Varad, he was influential re-vitalizing a dormant girls ashram and was instrumental in the development of Varad Sarvajanik High School.

His smiling face and the kindness he shared with others will never be forgotten.

India Post News Service