Bay area subway releases limited-time ‘Taste of India’ menu

CALIFORNIA: Local sandwich lovers have another reason to celebrate as Subway unveils a new limited-time menu exclusively available in the Bay Area.

The Taste of India menu will transport customer’s taste buds across different regions of India from the comfort of their city.

Participating Subway locations in the South Bay and East Bay will be reimagining their signature fresh sandwiches with traditional Indian flavors. With options everyone will enjoy, the Taste of India features four new menu items, including Chicken Tikka, Chicken Vindaloo, Chicken Mango Curry, and a vegetarian Paneer Tikka. Customers will be able to pair these delicious sandwiches with a new refreshing Mango Agua Fresca beverage.

Home to a healthy and growing population of residents of Indian descent, the Bay Area is a prime yet under-served market for fast, affordable, fresh Indian flavors. Subway partnered with professional chefs to curate the new menu, which represents the diverse regional cuisine across India.
“Our goal with Taste of India was to create a delicious menu that showcases regional Indian food and culture, and that celebrates the diversity in the Bay Area as well,” said Patel. “It was essential for us to create an offering that is healthy, affordable, and that everybody can enjoy.”