Bharatiya Seniors grand celebration of ‘Valentine’s Day’

Jayanti Oza

CHICAGO: The Bharatiya Seniors of Chicago celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 17, 2024, at ‘Rana Regan Centre’, Carol Steam Town in the presence of around 900 members and guests. The BSC Vice President Hirjibhai Ponkia and committee members conducted the meeting.

Valentine's Day
BSC committee members enjoying the Valentine program.

The BSC Secretary Rashila Dobria started the program with the recitation of  Ganesh Vandana. On this occasion, famous Chicago singers Rajesh Chalam and Pavitra Anand entertained the BSC members for 3 hours singing songs from old and new movies.

Valentine's Day
Singer Rajesh Chalam and Pavitra Anand entertain by singing old and new film songs

Rajesh Chalam won the hearts of all present by singing the ‘Madhuban Me Radhika Nachere’ song from the Kohinoor movie,  Richard Kristian gave Sangat on the table while Pavitra Anand made everybody happy and pitched all to dance on the dance floor.

Parasottam Pandya, Managing Trustee of BSC thanked all and the committee members for making the program a success. The people parted after having a delicious meal.