Bhartiya seniors of Chicago’s Holi-Dhulety celebrations

Kosha Pandya
Kosha Pandya

Jayanti Oza

CHICAGO: Bhartiya Senior Citizens of Chicago celebrated for the first time Holi in person on March 27. The program was organized with CDC guidelines with members entering in the Rana Regan Center to have Body Temperature, ensure have Masks, and use sanitizers. The hall was sanitized before the program.

The Program began in the afternoon with Ganesh Vandnarendered by BSC Secretary RakshikaAnjaria. She pointed out that during the COVID pandemic for the year March 2020 to March 2021, one has learned and benefitted with positivity, Prathama, and spending more time with family and loved ones. 

The BSC President Haribhai Patel welcomed all BSC Members and Life members and invited guests. He gave his best wishes for Holi. BSC paid tribute to those who passed away in the year 2020 & 2021 through video presentations with pictures. They were namely: 

  1. Ramsingbhai Parmar 
  2. Navinbhai Patel 
  3. Dashrathbhai Vyas
  4. Arvindbhai Patel
  5. Manibhai Patel
  6. Dharmendra Bhagat
  7. Ramakant Shah
  8. Pravinaben Shah
  9. Bhartiben Shah
  10. Bhupendrabhai Shah
  11. Chandrakant Patel 

The Lamp lightning ceremony began with the BSC President Haribhai Patel, Satish bhai Borad, GordhanbhaiPatel, BSC Trustee Parsotambhai Pandya, and Bhavna Modi. After that Nimeshbhai Jani who runs for Schaumberg Village Trustee pitched for a vote to elect him.

This was followed with singer Kosha Pandya’s live musical program. She performed Holi songs like ‘Rang Barsere chunavali Rang Barsey…, Garba and most popular Gujarati songs like ‘Kavi chhelovenibhavai…’ from Gujarati movie ‘Loveni Bhavyi,’‘Savaryo re maroSavariyoHutokhobomaguneDaie De Dariyo.’ She also rendered Bollywood songs from the 60s’ to current songs.

Gordhanbhai Patel presented two 85″ Big Screen LCD TVs to Bhartiya Seniors.

BSC President Haribhai Patel thanked all committee members for their hard work to successes this meeting   The kitchen team members – Shilpa, Jyotsna, Chandubhai, Navinbhai, Pravinbhai, Amratbhai, Babubhai, Shirishbhai, Ramanbhai, Vishnubhai, Pinakinbhai, Rajendrabhai, Sarabhai, Rameshbhai -served food very elegantly.

Special thanks were to Ashvin Bodiwala and Pravinbhai Amin who worked hard to clean the Kitchen sink.MadarsangChavda managed BSC new card for year 2021. At the end program all BSC members got a box of sweets from Bhartiya Seniors.

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