Birthday, Yoga and Entertainment Celebration by Indian Seniors


Jayanti Oza

CHICAGO: The General Meeting of Indian Seniors of Chicago was held on Saturday, December 12, 2020 via Zoom Video Conferencing with close to 150 members participating in it.

The entire program was successfully managed by Shri Hirabhai Patel. It started with the President Dr. Narasimhabhai Patel and the Coordinator Dilipbhai Patel giving instructions regarding the management of the meeting and its outcome

Mrs. Hemaben Shastri recited Sarva Dharma Prarthana, Bhupendra Suthar and Mrs. Gitaben Suthar recited Shri Hanuman Chalisa.  Dilipbhai Patel presented a video showing the skills of young children. 

Ashwinbhai Seth gave a speech on the occasion of Geeta Jayanti observing that the Gita sung by Lord Krishna is a book of values ​​for life.  Gita highlights the belief that God is always with us and has inspires all sections of the society, culture and the knowledge to stay connected with God. In Gita, Lord Krishna says that karma is only your Right, not the outcome.

Mrs. Bhanumatiben Mehta explained the meaning of Hatha Yoga. ‘H’ means sun, gives heat. ‘Th’ means the moon, which gives coolness. Thus yoga is necessary to achieve the required heat and coolness in the body. When the body feels restless and one gets depressed, the process of breathing spreads energy in the body. She demonstrated yoga Postures (asanas) to the participating seniors How   to increase the oxygen level in the body, for blood circulation and for the well-being of the body, demonstrations were made of Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom, Brahmani Tratak, Stretching etc. with an appeal to the seniors to do regular yoga.

Shri Bhupendrabhai Suthar announced the names of the members whose birthdays fell in the month of December.  Arvindbhai Kotak sang Happy Birthday to You Seniors and entertained them by telling funny jokes.

Shivabhai Patel described many wonders of nature under the category ‘Like to know’. He gave detailed information on what precautions should be taken by the seniors for strengthening the bones of the body. He said that getting adequate amount of calcium, vitamin D, nutritious food, adequate sleep strengthens the bones of the body.  Blood pressure and sugar should be measured regularly and great care should be taken while climbing or descending stairs.

Dilipbhai showed a video showing the friendship between different animals, which was very exciting.

Executive member Nareshbhai Dekhtawala invited the artists to start the entertainment program.  Hirabhai Patel ‘Zara Samne To Aavo’, Ranjitbhai Bharucha ‘Ansu Bhari He Zindagi Ki Rahe’, Shantilal Topiwala ‘Tarome Sajke Apne Surajse Dekho Dharti Chali Milne’, Arvindbhai Kotak ‘Mera Naam Raju’, Nareshbhai and Mrs. Rohiniben Dekhtawala sang songs from various Hindi films like ‘Milte Hi Aankhe Mil Gaya Deewana Kisi Ka’, Anilbhai Desai sang ‘Aayena Balam Kya Karun Sajni’.

C.V. Desai informed members that the vaccination for the corona virus will begin shortly. Initially health care workers, seniors living in nursing homes will be vaccinated in that order.

Arvindbhai Patel gave necessary information on how to maintain different plants in winter.

President Narasimhabhai Patel announced the sad demise of Shri Natubhai Patel, former President and current Trustee of Manav Seva Mandir and asked the members to observe two minutes of silence with a prayer for the soul of Sadagat.

Nareshbhai Dekhtawala gave vote of thanks to members who participated in the entertainment program. At the end, Narasimhabhai Patel appealed all to make suggestions about the program and concluded the meeting by asking them to stay safe, stay at home, be careful during corona.