Chicago Indians show unity on April 5 with divas, flashlights



CHICAGO: The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the display of community resolve against COVID-19 with a request to people to light a lamp on Sunday, April 5 night to show solidarity with the community and India.

It was urged to light a lamp for 9 minutes at 9 pm. The impact was that the people from all over the country and people around the world lit lamps in their homes. Somewhere, people have shown their solidarity with the flash of mobile. The unity of the country was seen in support of the victims of the coronavirus as also to those who serve the corona affected without stopping.

The importance of deep revelation has been demonstrated in our scriptures.
Happy karutKalyanam, Health wealth, Enemy annihilation, Deep JyotiNamasutte. Hey! The flame of the lamps makes you happy and provides well-being. He gives health and wealth; I bow to you for the destruction of the enemy. Deep Jyoti: On Brahman, Deep JyotiJanardan, Deep in my heart. Deep Jyotinamstute.

Chicago Indians had a program of collective Deep Revelation at 9 pm with the faith and belief that God Almighty will protect us and keep us safe. It was to raise awareness about this deadly disease.