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FREMONT, CA: The City of Fremont, along with the Fremont Police Department, Fremont Fire Department, and Office of Emergency Services (OES), will join Nextdoor, a free and private neighborhood social network, in a proactive effort to help strengthen citywide communications.
The City will use Nextdoor to share important information regarding news, services, programs, events, and emergency notifications. This launch marks the 150th anniversary of the “Great Quake” on the Hayward Fault, as well as the 29th anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake. The City launches its Nextdoor profile in conjunction with these significant events as a reminder of the importance of citywide information dissemination and communications, especially during an emergency or a natural disaster.

Nextdoor will serve as an additional platform for Fremont public agencies and residents to establish supplementary communication lines to residents. Fremont’s emergency notification system, AC Alert, will continue to deliver emergency alerts and non-emergency notifications to targeted geographic areas or the entire city as appropriate.
“Getting to know your neighbors, and the ability to communicate with each other are important ways to help residents prepare for an emergency,” says City Manager Mark Danaj. “Joining Nextdoor will support the City’s disaster readiness and response by allowing public agencies to share relevant updates and communicate with residents directly.”
Nextdoor has already proven to be an essential and well-adopted tool for Fremont residents, as more than 40,000 Fremont users are already registered on Nextdoor. The City of Fremont encourages all residents to sign up for Nextdoor as a way to receive direct communications from public agencies and connect with their neighborhood. Residents can also use Nextdoor to find local resources, share tips, ask questions, exchange recommendations, list services, and sell or giveaway items.

The City of Fremont joins over 2,500 public agencies across the country using Nextdoor to build stronger relationships with residents.
Safety Reminder
Residents should note that public agencies do not monitor their Nextdoor accounts 24 hours a day. Residents should refrain from reporting in-progress crimes or suspicious activities on the Nextdoor platform. In case of emergency, dial 911. If you need non-emergency assistance or want to report suspicious activity, please dial 510-790-6800, option 3.

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