Community activist gets doctorate from Caribbean

Avinash Verma (extreme right) gets Doctorate degree from Avalong University
Avinash Verma (extreme right) gets Doctorate degree from Avalong University

CHICAGO: A community activist and an acclaimed Mata Bhajan singer, Avinash Verma, added one more feather in his cap of achievements with Avalon University School of Medicine in Caribbean islands honoring him with an Honorary Doctorate degree for his exemplary community services.

Avinash turned Dr Avinash with the doctorate degree formally conferred upon him during a recent function held at Stambaugh Auditorium in Youngstown Ohio. Dr Avinash also heads North Shore Medical Education Center (NMEC), Chicago.

In a talk to this paper, Dr. Verma said that he landed in USA three decades ago for a better quality of life convinced that the best way to predict future is to create it.

Born to a well-known educationist family of Principal B R Verma, Avinash began his professional career as an income tax lawyer in 1976 in India. He came to this country three decades ago for a better life.

He realized that a he needed to brush up his back home education with a study in this country He commenced earning and learning at the same time. After working for a small finance company, he decided to start his own finance company. With hard work and personalized service he came out with flying colors in his business.

He felt a need to do better in different areas and launched his flagship company North Shore Medical Education to help offshore medical students, with South Asian diaspora in particular, to get placed in various universities to shore up their medical education and get nicely equipped to compete for Residency spots in North America.

The company has shown continuous efforts to give the students the training to get nicely equipped for a residency slot in the US. With his stewardship, the company has blossomed into a leading clinical rotation provider here. “It was a tough job as any other immigrant struggling for success would vouch for it. It was a difficult game to engage in and win with no expert guidance,” he told this paper.

Being a fervent devotee of Mata Jagdambe, his motivating factor in life is to help others achieve their dreams in a foreign land. “Aspiring young medical students need a little push, help and guidance.

They want someone who believes in them. I try to fill a void in their life and career. This is how to pay back to society by helping medical students to pursue their dreams,” he said.

Last year, Avinash Verma, along with his sons Dr Ashish Ansal and Ankush Ansal, launched a new service to patients in India to consult a physician in USA for their medical issues via android and I-phone app By dint of hard work, the Vermas are doing yeomen service to people in India as well.

An acclaimed devotee of Maa Durge, he launched a not for profit devotional TV show Jagran TV back in 2003 with the objective of catering to devotional needs of Indian community. He holds and performs Maa Durga Jagran and Chowkis on regular basis at no charge. He has released many Mata Bhajan audio and video CDs, as well.

As the saying goes – there is a woman behind every successful man – and for Aviansh that woman is nobody else but his wife Neelam Verma. She motivates him to steer clear of the vicissitudes of life.

Ramesh Soparawala
India Post News Service