Desi Republicans are ‘Delta Force of GOP’

IARC Group meeting in New York

NEW YORK: Indian-American Republicans are now being recognized as the powerful Delta Force in the GOP with their dedication and hard work in electing Donald Trump as President of the United States, said Edward Cox, Chairman of the New York State Republican Party.

Addressing the annual get together of Indian-American Republican Committee (IARC) in White Plains, NY on Nov 16, he praised the commitment of the Desi Republicans who smashed the image that Indian-Americans are always supporters of Democratic Party.

The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, commonly referred to as Delta Force, Combat Applications Group (CAG), The Unit, Army Compartmented Element (ACE), or within JSOC as Task Force Green, is an elite special mission unit of the United States Army.

He said GOP offers freedom, opportunity, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility and local control that were the hallmark of the success of Indians in the US. Indian-Americans are seeking public office like never before all in the past one year of Republican national leadership, he said.

No President in the past had signed legislation and executive orders in the last one year like Donald Trump, fighting all odds against regulations. Stock markets are shooting to the sky and citizens are feeling safe under this presidency.

Shalab “Shally” Kumar, Chairman of Republican Hindu Coalition, said Trump would usher in Ram Rajya in the US. Many of the so-called Indian-American leaders worked tirelessly against the Hindu rally held in NJ last year to endorse Trump as President by arranging Garba and other events on the same day to dissipate the crowd. It’s a myth that Indian-Americans are always Democrats and tides are changing, he said.

Kumar, who coined the slogan “Abki bar, Trump sarkar” that caught the social media like a wildfire, said all the Modi followers among the 4.2 million Hindus in the US voted for Trump as they see a similarity in both the leaders.

Ven Parameswaran, senior most Indian-American Republican in the US, said Indian Americans have been building political clout, slowly but steadily since the days of Pratap Singh Saund who was elected as Congressman from California in 1956.

Republican Bobby Jindal was first elected to the Congress and later elected as Governor of Louisiana and Republican Nikki Haley was elected Governor of South Carolina and now she is our Ambassador to the UN the most important diplomatic post. Ambassador to the UN was the stepping stone for George H W Bush, before he was elected President. Indian Americans are attracted to Republican Party because their ideas of family values, religion, hard work, entrepreneurship, fewer taxes, less government are common to them, he said.

Within the next two weeks, the Committee is starting chapters in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Queens. Before the midterm elections, chapters will be set up in all states with a sizeable Indian American population, he added.

Doug Colety, Chairman of Westchester County Republican Committee, Terrence Murphy, New York State Senator, Lawrence Garvey, Chairman of Rockland County Republican Committee, Thomas Koshy, national chairman of IARC, Paul Karukkupalli, co-vice chairman and Dr. Priscilla Parameswaran, founder of the committee, spoke on the contribution of Indian-Americans to the growth of Republican Party.

Edward Cox and other Republican leaders honored Dr. Sampath Shivangi, Chairman of Mississippi Board of Mental Health, with the award of “Person of the Year”; Dr. A.D Amar, Professor of Seton Hall University, NJ with “Professor of the Year” award; Anand Ahuja, attorney with “Attorney of the Year” award and Charles Kannankeril R &D engineer with “Special Recognition” award.

Prakash M Swamy

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