Dosa Express open in Fremont

Dosa Express

India Post News Service

Dosa Express opened its doors on September 1st week in America’s happiest City, Fremont. The restaurant is located at 3625 Thornton Ave Fremont, CA 94536.

The new establishment’s menu centers around Idli and Dosa, a crepe-like dish made of lentils and rice that is usually stuffed with savory fillings. The restaurant boasts a menu of authentic South Asian cuisine, specializing in Dosas, a savory crepe made from a fermented batter consisting of lentils and rice.

Dosa ExpressThey specialize in madras style small onion sambar, which is a condiment for the Idlis/Dosas. They cook all their menu items on a daily basis using fresh ingredients and don’t refrigerate any cooked items.

They also support the local community and believe in giving back. On the occasion of the grand opening they served complimentary food for over 15,000 residents from all over the Bay area on Sep 1 and 2nd.

The establishment also supports numerous religious and non profit organizations with their kind donation. They have created a unique program called “Let’s create a world without Hunger” and feed vulnerable families all over the Bay area.