Full house Diwali Celebration at Pratibha – Potdar Party

Potdar Diwali party

Suresh Bodiwala

CHICAGO: The Diwali party hosted by Pratibha Jairath and Ashok Potdar was held at Ashyana Banquets and was once again a full house event. Beautifully decorated Ashyana ceilings and jazzy, vibrant colors of the outfits of the audience brought life to a quiet Fall-evening.

The lamp lighting ceremony included the Guests of Honor and sponsors. Ms. Rita Sunil Shah recited Shree Sidhivinayak prayers beautifully during Lamp lighting and Sunil Shah presented Diwali Greetings to all.

Ms Jairath talked about the significance of Diwali such as victory of knowledge over ignorance, which turned into her recent initiative, a Not-for-Profit organization Vidya Jyoti’s. She mentioned the accomplishment of being able to help 1015 students thus far. Mayur Ganger was a great help.

The singing trio Pratibha Jairath, Raju Bankapur, Pradeep Sood kept the audience on their dancing feet throughout the celebration. The program started with melodious songs when Pratibha presented songs by legendary singers Lata Ji, Asha Ji, Geeta Dutt, Vani Jairam, each singer with a different special touch. It was a variety of songs, including Bole Re papihara type semi classical numbers.

It was pin drop silence throughout the performance and as always, her songs pulse with feelings. With her dance numbers, folks came to the dance floor as usual. The next surge of excitement was from multi-talented singer Raju Bankapur. Once again, well known singer Pardeep Sood sanghis Punjabi medley that people always love; brought even more people to the dance floor.

There were few duet performances of popular songs. Mrs. Rita Shah and Hitesh Master performed a beautiful Duet which received a lot of applause too. Pinky Thakkar and Pardeep sood joined Pratibha in a fast dance number and the dance floor was full.

The beautiful Bharatnatyam dance performances by Jenish Balsara got a big applause from the audience. Raju Bankapur’s flute transported the audience to the world of pure joy and ecstasy.

Orchestra Sa Re Ga Ma with Hitesh Nayak, Richard Christian, Bobby and sound engineer/DJ Monachan enthralled the attendees. Pratibha thanked her friends and supporters.

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