Dr Gehani is President Elect of US Dental Assn

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Dr. Chad Gehani

India Post News Service

HONOLULU, Hawaii: 482 delegates of the American Dental Association (ADA) from all over the country overwhelmingly voted for Dr. Chad Gehani and asked him to help them lead the profession and its membership as President Elect and their next President. A very well-deserved honor over three competitive contestants for the same position.

Dr Gehani was the first NYSDA President of Indian origin and the first ADA Trustee from second Trustee district (NY) of Indian origin. ADA is the leading advocate of dentistry in America. It is known that the whole world looks upon the United States and the ADA to set standards of care and policies to protect the public, to protect the profession and provide advocacy for “things that matter” to dentists. Dr. Gehani will take over as President of the ADA at the close of its House of Delegates meeting in San Francisco in October 2019.

Dr. Gehani’s campaign journey started over a year and half ago with a prayer and culminated on Monday October 22 in a historic win.

The Gehani’s are truly an ADA family. Drs. Chad and Rekha Gehani have both been members of the ADA for last 35+ years each, a combined membership of over 70 years. During the course of his campaign, Dr. Gehani made over 20 visits to multiple states around the country and spoke to scores of ADA delegates understanding their needs and the needs of the profession in the United States at this time.

He then came up with specific solutions to issues that he had studied for over a year and very eloquently spoke from his heart. Extempore all the time, he explained his strategy to the delegates for handling specific issues and provide optimal results. All this with the humility of saying that he is, “A servant leader”. They say when a tree is at its peak it produces fresh fruit and bends down with the weight of the fruit. Like a ripened tree Dr. Gehani is the perfect example of a gentle giant, a magnanimous ombudsman who is extremely humble. A role model for millions around the world.

Dr. Gehani has forever changed the face of dentistry. He has created and opened doors that never existed for the immigrant population and all the aspiring leaders across the globe.