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Is it possible to live to more than 100 years of age with vibrant health, unlimited energy, and peace of mind? According to Dr. Pankaj Naram, Master of Siddha-Veda Ancient Healing Secrets, yes you can. He says, it is very possible and he personally has seen many people who have done it.

Last week, on National Geographic’s TV channel, the ‘Explorer’ series featured a documentary about a 119 year old endurance runner named Dharam Singh. At such an advanced age, how is he able to still run marathons?

“The ancient healing secrets on how to live more than 100 with vibrant health have been passed down by masters to students for more than 2,500 years, with each masters demonstrating themselves that it was possible by using the secrets to live more than 100 years with lots of energy, flexibility, peace and presence of mind,” Dr. Naram says. And Dharam Singh is a great example of what is possible. Dr. Naram said Mr Singh is not 119 years old. He is 119 years young!”

The National Geographic program interviewed Dr. Pankaj Naram as a “World Authority on Ancient Healing Secrets,” to discover if and how this is possible? Dr. Naram has helped more than a million people around the world with chronic and acute health challenges like arthritis, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, infertility, autism, high blood pressure, ADD/ADHD, kidney challenges, heart problems, vitiligo, psoriasis, hair loss, weight loss, and on and on. He says he learned these ancient healing secrets from his master who lived to 125 years.

Dharam Singh is a living example that by exercising regularly and eating a healthy vegetarian diet, you can have vibrant health, unlimited energy, and peace of mind at any age. According to the Ancient Siddha-Veda Healing masters in the lineage of Dr Naram , there are 6 powerful instruments which can help anyone look and feel young at any age, including the two instruments of diet and lifestyle. The other instruments he used to help people are Herbal remedies, home remedies, marma, and asthakarma.

Dr. Naram said one of the best things that ever happened to him was meeting his master, who taught him all these ancient secrets. As a very young physician, Dr. Naram quickly realized he was not helping anyone, not even himself. Overweight, balding, unhealthy, and dissatisfied with life, a series of unexpected events brought Dr. Naram to discover an 115-year master healer from the Himalayas that eventually took him as a student. After extensive training,

In the National Geographic documentary, Dharam Singh shows his forms of ID and knows his exact birthdate, as it was on the birth record his mother gave him, and says it should not be so hard to believe it is possible to live to his age and be healthy. He says he wants to inspire children in his country and all over the world that if he can run and be healthy at his age, they can too

An increasing number of doctors from the West are getting interested to khow results like this could be possible. As such requests increase, Dr. Naram is now teaching courses on the Ancient Healing Methods through a university in Berlin, Germany, to doctors from around the world.

In addition to the National Geographic program, Dr. Naram is also featured on a daily TV program broadcast into 169 countries with millions of viewers, learning natural ancient remedies to stay healthy, happy, and young. This is in the midst of a busy schedule, Dr. Naram travels from country to country, often seeing more than a hundred people in a day, helping people from all over the world with chronic and acute health challenges.

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