Easy to be Republican for Indian-Americans

Easy to be Republican for Indian-Americans


Dharma has the largest group of followers in USA other than Christianity. Chinese, Indians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, atheists, South East Asian are all connected to dharma. The dharmic values stand for logic, reasoning, nationalism and above all truth and justice. Most Indian-Americans are affiliated to dharmic viewpoint than to any other political ideology. With these dharmic values and education standards of Indian-Americans, it is really very surprising that Indian-Americans consider themselves as Democrats. Democrats in USA today stand for ultra left wing and Islamic. Democrats stand for higher taxes, socialistic, communal Islamic and ultra wing policies. For Indian-Americans, the ideology of today’s Democrats stands opposed to their dharmic beliefs. If a comparison is to be made with Indian politics, then Democrats will be considered like the Indian National Congress of Sonia Gandhi.

Indian-Americans are connected much more deeply to their dharmic spiritual and cultural roots than most other immigrant communities across the USA. The reason is twofold:  preserve dharmic traditions and culture; and protect their children from abrahamic culture influences that usually breaks families

Culture, food, language, love for one’s land and dharmic belief system makes dharmic traditions uniquely different from abrahamic faiths. While dharmic traditions thrive on land-based lifestyle, abrahamic systems thrive on institutions. Nature, environment, climate change and politics are intrinsically connected to dharmic traditions. Histories of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas define dharmic traditions. And also the concept of “vasudhaiva kutumbakam” is a part of dharmic lifestyle. Dharma is the best spiritual platform for a democracy.

Needless to say that Dharma is the most logical faith system for a democratic society. It is a well known fact that the four of the largest economies of the world – India, Japan, South Korea and China – are all intrinsically connected to Dharmic systems. In contrast, no Islamic country is politically and economically stable today because of lack of institutions. Because their belief system promotes anarchy more than common sense, truth and justice. The US and Europe are economically successful because common sense, truth and justice are paid more importance than the Christian belief system. The two intrinsic pillars of dharma are truth and Justice. Therefore any dharmic society is bound to be successful. India has progressed more under Narendra Modi and P.V. Narasimha Rao than any other leaders because most of the other leaders from India were pro-Islamic and ultra left wing.

Politics that helps protect dharma also becomes dharmic. Indian-Americans can no longer be aloof from the political process in the USA. There’s a very common saying in USA: “If you are not on the table, you are on the menu.” Today, the Indian-American community is on the menu instead of the table. This is due to political aloofness played by Indian-Americans. Most of the Muslim community has been on the table. Most Indian-American politicians such as Ro Khanna and Premala Jayapal have abandoned Hindus today completely because of getting money from leftist and Islamic organizations. They not only work against Indian Americans but also work directly against India to receive election favors from CAIR. Ilhan Omar a well known Islamic socialist has received money from Qatar as claimed by Shri Imam Tawhidi.

Needless to say that Indian-Americans have to find a new political identity that takes care of their community’s interests. Dharmic people are ideally suited for Republicans due to the following points: they have conservative values; life is sacred for all followers of Dharma; Dharma thrives on truth and justice; Dharma impels its followers to be more nationalistic to the US; and Dharma belief system naturally promotes small government and lower taxes for all.

All Indic-origin people have to now abandon the Democrats to gain their foothold in the nationalistic politics. It’s time for Indian-Americans to not give funds to Democrats any longer. Dharma beckons all Indian-Americans to vote for Dharma by voting Republican.

As a first step, all Indian-Americans have to register themselves as Republicans to become politically relevant in American politics.

Benefits to the Indian american community: political alignment and recognition in the changing political climate of the US; protection of Dharma in the US; respect for culture of Indian-Americans; ability to influence Dharma-friendly policies.

It’s high time to protect Dharma in the US.