Enchanting Gulzarish show mesmerizes SoCal at The Encore Dinner Theatre

Gulzarish show

Sheetal Kulkarni

TUSTIN, CA: The Encore Dinner Theatre was the epicenter of culture and artistry on the evening of May 4th, 2024, as it hosted the much-anticipated Gulzarish show for a consecutive year in Orange County. This event celebrated the illustrious life and works of the legendary poet and lyricist Gulzar Ji, creating an unforgettable experience that seamlessly blended poetry, music, and artistic expression.

Gulzarish showThe choice of The Encore Dinner Theatre as the venue was nothing short of perfect. Its intimate and elegant setting enhanced the overall ambiance, making it an ideal backdrop for an evening dedicated to celebrating literary and artistic excellence. Attendees were greeted with the convenience of free parking, ensuring a hassle-free arrival and allowing them to fully embrace the evening’s cultural immersion. Adding a touch of glamour to the evening, the red carpet experience allowed guests to capture cherished memories. The opportunity to pose for photographs on the red carpet and a multiple creative backdrops, added an extra layer of excitement, with these images serving as treasured mementos of an enchanting evening.

From the moment guests arrived, they were welcomed by enthusiastic young volunteer ushers—children of the performing artists—the event exuded warmth and hospitality. The culinary offerings, meticulously prepared and served by Rangeen Calikitchen, were a feast for the senses. Guests were welcomed with tea and a welcome drink and served hot samosas and pakoras at their tables during intermission. They indulged in a delectable array of appetizers, a sumptuous full-course dinner, and tantalizing desserts, all presented with exceptional grace and charm.

The heart of the evening lay in its extraordinary entertainment. The narrator wove a rich tapestry of Gulzar ji’s poems, shayari, and idioms, skillfully interspersing these literary gems between performances. This narrative thread added depth and resonance, creating a profound connection with the audience. Attendees were captivated by a diverse range of performances—from classical pieces, live painting, live pottery to an innovative puppet dance, and an evocative old Bollywood segment—each act and each performer leaving an indelible mark on their hearts.

The table decor and overall ambiance of the venue were thoughtfully curated by Marigold events, to reflect the poetic essence of Gulzar ji’s work. Every detail, from the elegant settings to the harmonious ambiance, transported attendees into a world of beauty and inspiration, perfectly complementing the artistic performances.

Gulzarish show

The meticulous planning and disciplined execution of the event were evident in its smooth flow and punctuality. Attendees appreciated the seamless organization, which allowed them to fully immerse themselves in the experience without any disruptions. Kudos to creative geniuses Prashant Sarnaik and Sheetal Kulkarni, along with Jaydeep & Bhuvana, the management, tech and finance team.

Seema Arora Realty, Revati & Manoj Kalra Realty, Saahas for Cause, Kola Hotels – Pravin Patel, Aries by Priyanka Dujari were few of the major sponsors and supporters of the event along with many other small business owners stepping forward to sponsor the event.

In conclusion, the Gulzarish show at The Encore Dinner Theatre was a masterful celebration of Gulzar ji’s legacy. By uniting poetry, music, and art, the event touched the hearts and souls of all who attended. The evening’s warm hospitality, captivating performances, and elegant ambiance collectively paid homage to the enduring power of Gulzar ji’s artistry, leaving an indelible impression on everyone present. At the same time the show also created a platform for artists in North America and like each time have vowed to support various non-profits.

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