Enchanting Kabir Bhajans at Fremont temple

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FREMONT, CA: The program of Kabir Bhajans by Prahlad Singh Tipanya and his group was held at the Fremont Hindu temple on July 11. The musicians led by Prahlad Singh Tipanya transformed Kabir’s 15th century poems into traditional Indian folk music. He was recognized by the Fremont temple management consisting of Dr. Romesh Japra, Rajesh IMG 2421Verma, Manorama Joshi and Deepak Chhabra.

Tipanya and his fellow musicians have held concerts in a myriad of countries, including Britain, Pakistan, and India. They are currently completing a tour through the U.S., during which they have performed at various prestigious universities and institutions with Professor Linda Hess, an exceptionally accomplished senior lecturer from the religious studies department at Stanford University. They performed at the Fremont Hindu temple, which is one of the oldest Hindu temples of

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United States. More than 100 devotees listened to his “Kabir” songs with explanation in simple words.

His true voice, devoid of superfluous frills, is the perfect tool to elaborate the truth so candidly spoken by Kabir in his verses. Tipanya goes on to explain the meaning of each verse as he sings accompanied with his group of folk singers that play folk instruments like the dhol, manjira, timpani et al. Tipanya is, in fact, not a performer but a real devotee of Kabir, living his philosophy in his day-to-day life.

“I started singing about Kabir as per the folk tradition and to make the people of my village happy through music and being able to change their lives through the medium of words. Art comes in many IMG 2449forms and is deep-rooted in the Indian custom. I believe that Kabirdas was for humanity and wanted to bring people together, rather than tear them apart. It is through music that people come together. It is a medium that pays no heed to class, race and religion and it is also through music that a real change can be felt in our lives,” said Tipaniya

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