FIA Chicago celebrating International Yoga Day


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CHICAGO: The Federation of Indian Associations Chicago (FIA) in association with Mindful Meditation Yoga celebrated the 7th International Yoga Day 2021 on June 18,2021. 

In keeping with Covid-19 regulations, the event was an invitation only gathering of like-minded individuals who wanted to learn about the benefits of Yoga and Meditation and the balance that it brings in daily life.

The event attracted people from all walks of life including Sunil Shah Founder President Federation of Indian Associations Chicago, Dr. Gopal Lalmalani President Oak Brook village, Suresh Reddy Trustee Oak Brook Village, Meghna Bansal Trustee Wheatland Township, Indian Medical Association President Dr. Suneela Harsoor, Dr. Kamal Patel Current President FIA, FIA Advisory Board members Mr. Keerthi Reevori and Ajeet Singh.  Other attendees included people from all walks of life and FIA Executive Board members and directors.

The invitees were welcomed with greetings in the form of a Sandal (Chandan) Tika and a shower of flower petals to soothing flute recital by Raju Bankapur that created a serene and tranquil energy in the room. Ms. Anu Malhotra Certified Yoga Teacher and owner of Mindful Meditation Yoga welcomed all the guests summarizing the importance of Yoga and Meditation in the day to day lives of people. Especially after stressful year that people have had because of the pandemic.

 Anil Jha sang Adiyogi a song written by Prasoon Joshi and originally sung by renowned singer Kailash Kher that identifies Lord Shiva as being the first Yogi- meaning the person who does Yoga Mr. Jha was accompanied by Raju Bankapur on the Tabla and Prashant Kudkar. Sunil Shah Founder President of the FIA his address welcomed everyone to the event.

He thanked Ms. Anu Malhotra for co hosting the event. He extolled the virtues of Yoga and Meditation that help reduce stress in daily life and how it helps develop the mind and physical fitness especially in these times when the pandemic has ravaged parts of the world. Dr. Gopal Lalmalani President of Oak Brook Village to address the gathering. Dr. Lalmalani eloquently spoke of his interaction with his guru Dada Vaswani. He spoke of the advantages that meditation brought to his own life. The reduction in stress and peace of mind that his interactions with his guru brought to him.

The Current President FIA, Dr. Kamal Patel spoke of the importance of Meditation and Yoga Practices in daily life and its importance to Physical and Mental health and well-being. A lamp lighting ceremony took place wherein all the invited dignitaries were called to the podium.  Ms. Anu Malhotra took center stage and guided the invitees through a series of Yogic Practices called Chair yoga. Practices and poses that relieve pressure points in the neck back and the upper body. Apart from this she explained the importance of breathing and breath control that would regulate oxygen to the body and help control emotions like anger frustration and the like which are ultimately harmful to the body and mind.

All the invitees joined in and tried to replicate the yoga Practices and poses that Ms. Anu Malhotra explain and demonstrated. After this Ms. Anu Malhotra led the gathering in Meditation explaining the benefits of regular meditation and yoga to the body and mind.

The evening ended with the invitees feeling content at what they had just experienced over the two odd hours during the event.

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