FIA shatters records with spectacular Indian Heritage celebrations


India Post News Service

CHICAGO:  The celebration night at Windy City Bulls Game. In a dazzling display of culture and athleticism by the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) Chicago rewriting the narrative of Indian Heritage Celebration at the Now Arena.

FIA The Founder Chairman of FIA Sunil Shah inaugurated the event, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening. Led by President Pratibha Jairath, the FIA ensemble of Sunil Shah, Neil Khot (Vice Chairman), Vinita Gulabani (Past President) and Richa Chand (Performance Coordinator and Vice President FIA), kicked off proceedings with a rendition of the Indian national anthem. This was followed by a homage to the stars and stripes, the American National Anthem, led by Nishika Dubey and Sahiba Siddu. The crowd erupted in a symphony of cheers.

Their energy skyrocketed during breaks with the arrival of Indian dance troupes. With pulsating beats and mesmerizing choreography, the arena transformed into a medley of rhythm and joy. President Jairath, FIA shattered all previous records. This year witnessed an unprecedented surge in participation across all demographics.  FIA had highest number of performers, more than 85, highest number of dance groups (5 groups), highest number of community appreciation certificates distribution (90+), maximum participation and involvement of the Indian diaspora in Chicagoland (400+) and covering all age groups, starting from 3 year to 80-year plus senior citizens. It was a testament to the efforts led by Vice President Sonia Luther and Secretary-General Nilabh Dubey.

The evening’s performances, curated by renowned groups such as Laya Dance Team, Suhani Dance Group, Neha Dance Group, Atharva Dance Academy, and Chicago Varsity Dance, showcased the seamless fusion of Indian heritage with global appeal, infusing the audience with a taste of Bollywood spice. The grand finale saw spectators on their feet, swept away by the infectious rhythms permeating the aisles.

FIAThey honored the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA) with a prestigious ‘Certificate of Appreciation’, recognizing the profound significance of cultural exchange within the realm of sports. With humility and pride, Chairman Sunil Shah and President Pratibha Jairath graciously accepted the accolade on behalf of the hard-working FIA team.

But the festivities didn’t end with the final buzzer. Post-game revelry continued with a grand dinner hosted by India Foodie Lounge’s illustrious owner, Yagnesh Patel. Amidst culinary delights, Mr. Patel, a Food industry expert lauded the leadership of FIA, recognizing Sunil Shah, Pratibha Jairath, Neil Khot, and Vinita Gulabani for their commitment to excellence. As the night drew to a close, it was evident that time had indeed stood still, encapsulating a momentous celebration of culture, community, and camaraderie.

Led by visionary leaders and featuring sensational performances, the event showcased the power of cultural unity and left an indelible mark on both sports enthusiasts and spectators alike.