The Global Initiative of Veterans (GIVE) – Southern California Gala

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The Global Initiative of Veterans (GIVE) celebrated its Membership Drive in a jubilant manner, hosting a GIVE Mixer Dinner on March 2nd in Winnetka, CA. The event provided an opportunity for attendees to connect, network, and relish entertainment. Cultural dances were showcased, fostering connections and captivating the audience throughout the gala.

The festivities commenced with a delightful assortment of appetizers and social networking, as the GIVE Chairperson extended a warm welcome to all attendees. Established in 2016 as a non-profit charitable organization, GIVE was founded by Major Gurjeet Singh, who serves as both founder and Chairperson.

The program kicked off with Meet & Greet sessions, fostering connections over food and conversation. Major Gurjeet Singh emphasized the importance of joining GIVE, encouraging esteemed veterans and guests to contribute to the community through the organization. Ms. Avneet Kaur, founder of Core Family Office, highlighted GIVE’s charitable endeavors, underscoring the significance of their work.

GIVEThe Membership Drive culminating in the GIVE Mixer Dinner provided a platform for attendees to engage, network, and enjoy entertainment, including Bollywood dances by Ms. Monica Sarin and captivating solo and duet performances.

The GIVE board members, including Major Gurjeet Singh as Founder Chairman, Capt. RD Singh as Founder CFO, Col. Carlton De’Netto as Director, Capt. Kuldeep Bali, Capt. David, and Capt. Aparna Hande, were integral to the success of the event, exemplifying GIVE’s commitment to serving veterans and the community.

Major Gurjeet Singh, a distinguished veteran of the Indian Army Corps of Engineers, possesses a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He displayed exceptional courage and expertise by laying live mines along the borders and defusing numerous hazardous bombs and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) during the tumultuous insurgency in Kashmir in 1989, often risking his own life. Additionally, he demonstrated his resourcefulness and leadership by constructing overnight bridges, helipads, and shelters in the harsh, high-altitude terrain of the Himalayas amidst extreme weather conditions.

An accomplished administrator, philanthropist, and seasoned entrepreneur in finance and real estate, Major Gurjeet Singh’s contributions extend beyond his military service. He has been instrumental in the success of the Global Initiative of Veterans (GIVE), an organization with a rich history of supporting various charitable causes. Membership in GIVE is open to all veterans, their spouses, and children, as well as associate members who are supporters and friends of veterans.

GIVE’s impactful initiatives include sponsoring the education of underprivileged children in India, feeding hundreds of homeless individuals in Los Angeles, providing specialized wheelchairs to the Paraplegic Center of Veterans in Mohali, Punjab, distributing jackets to the homeless during harsh winters in California, assisting needy veterans with medical treatment, and organizing fundraising events such as golf tournaments and New Year’s Eve parties.

GIVEAt the GIVE Mixer Dinner, guests were treated to an array of sumptuous Indian refreshments, enhancing the overall experience of the event. Through its efforts, GIVE successfully brought together the Indo-American community in Southern California, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity. The grand gala night, meticulously organized in a banquet hall, attracted numerous guests and veterans, marking another successful endeavor by GIVE in its mission to support and celebrate veterans and their contributions to society.