Naperville. lamp
Naperville. lamp

India Post News Service

NAPERVILLE: Salome Foundation, under the leadership of Nag Jaiswal and Sheela Jaiswal held a celebration of Diwali Festivities in Naperville City Hall for the first time, It brought together members of the Indian community and Elected Representatives of Naperville and Dupage County to mark the festival and to shine a light on the community and its culture.

In attendance were Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico, State Medical Board Chair Dr. Srinivas Reddy, HSS Chair SiddeshShevade, FIA Chicago President Rakesh Malhotra, AAEIO President Gladson Varghese, Prominent leaders of Naperville Community:  Srinivas Ravula, Shishir Jain, Nipa 

Nag Jaiswal said, “It’s estimated that about 25,000 Indians or persons of Indian origins live in Naperville. Most of these people work in healthcare, information technology, engineering and management positions.

Greg Hart addressed the audience. “Diversity in culture enriches each of us. Diversity in humanity is very important. “Celebrations like this help us to learn about each other’s cultures, traditions and values. Diwali celebrates prosperity, peace, happiness, joy and hope for the future.

Kathy Salvi said, “In the current political and economic environment, we as a city and country must continue to enhance economic, social, educational and cultural links with countries like India. Both USA and India have had profound effects on each other,” she added.

Naperville Councilman Paul Leong highlighted his respect for Indian Culture and ethnic diversity in Naperville. Medical Board Chairman Dr. Sreenivas Reddy spoke about the importance of promoting and sharing Indian Culture and tradition with our broader American Community. The event also included a lamp lighting ceremony, classical music performance and dances.