Foutain Valley’s Mile Square National Park Holi


image5India Post News Service

Indo American Social Association llc, in Partnership with UIAA, FIAA, ISKCON,COLAIAPA and Gujarati Society of Southern California, joined hands to celebrate Holi event at Mile Square National park in Fountain Valley on March 19, Saturday.

The event lit up whole of Southern California on a party-fire-mode and almost 3000 people attended from every culture, local and India. Mood was colorful, festive and there were colors in the air with rainbow all around. DJ Kush set the dance floor going for hours with such entertaining music.

Founders Rajbir Husson, Guarav Bhargava , Ishwar Dadlani, Ajoy Dube with Hema Chahuan, Venkat Peddi, Anju Multani, Suresh Malkani, Anju Sharma, Reena Bhargava, Anil Kumar, Joy and Dr Varun Gandhi, and Suresh Malkani took the lead to volunteer and make the program a great success

Food was catered by Anil and his wife!