God is One, Know Him as One

C.L. Gulati

“Is there a God or not? If there is, give some evidence for its existence.”

The question shares genuine concern of all human beings. The apostles labored hard, the martyrs died in torments, the scholars and scientists proclaimed the beauties of higher life, sociologists untiringly inculcated the sense of duties of good citizen, the philosophers pioneered sublime thoughts and all agreed that God is one and that man’s first duty is to know Him as one.

One of the greatest modern psychologists, Sir Jung has described in his book, “Modern Man in search of soul” that among all his patients, there had not been even one whose problem in the last resort was not that of finding a religious outlook on life. Great thinker, Augustine of Hippo writes, “Restless are our souls until they rest in Thee, My God.” Life is incomplete without God. If a man loses faith in God, he loses faith in himself. It spells crisis in character resulting in chaos and violence all around.

Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji – Spiritual Head of the Sant Nirankari Mission says that oblivious of their spiritual identity, the people have raised suffocating walls inter-se. They do not go beyond their faith to mix up with each other freely. As a result, there is no mutual love. In the absence of love, there is no reciprocal respect. Lack of respect breeds distrust, which ultimately culminates in hatred and violence, causing global turmoil and shocking crash in human values.

To reverse the gear from hatred and violence to love and peace, it requires mutual trust between man and man. Trust presupposes mutual respect borne out of love. Natural love is possible when man treats and tolerates the other man like a brother. Coming to this point, universal brotherhood and emotional oneness of mankind is the utmost need of the day and that is possible to achieve spontaneously and simultaneously through the realization of Fatherhood of God.

“If peace based progress is the need of the day, spiritual awakening through actual knowledge of God is the only means to achieve it,” says Nirankari Babaji. He unfolds the concept of one earth, one family and demystifies spirituality to promote and celebrate unity in diversity. The rainbow vesture aptly symbolizes this unity where all colors are distinctly visible but inseparable.

Sant Nirankari Mission asserts that God-realization is the only force, which is the mortar binding together the many-shaped bricks of human society into a coherent structure. It marks unity in diversity and resolves the very purpose of Interfaith Harmony. Man’s relationship with God is marked by his dealings and doings with fellow beings. He sees God in all and all in God. Votary of ‘Peace, not Pieces’, the Mission founded its moto, “Religion Unites, Never Divides”.

Sant Nirankari Mission is an all-embracing worldwide religious, socio-spiritual and Charitable Organization unfolding the concept of one earth, one family and demystifies religion. Its message is completely in harmony with the teachings of all the past prophets and the scriptures. Therefore, this global socio-spiritual movement is, in fact, the present milestone in the Mainstream of Spirituality, conveying the bold message, “Man is a man, when he is human. He is human when the entire mankind is his family. Mankind is his family when the all-pervading God is his home. God can be his home when he actually knows Him and blissfully identifies himself with Him, with the grace of True Master.” For its outstanding distinguished socio-charitable activities, the Mission enjoys General Consultative Status with U.N. The hallmark, socio-spiritual tenets of the Mission are hubs in the wheel of human life.Wiping out ego and pride.

The Mission is celebrating its 74th International Annual Sant Samagam, which shall be webcast live from 5 to 9.30 p.m. on 27th to 29th November on the mission’s website: https://live.nirankari.org. Galaxy of learned speakers are participating globally in the august presence of Her Holiness Satguru Mata Sudiksha Ji Maharaj.

(Author is President, Sant Nirankari Mission, Delhi-9)