Got Covid Vaccine? Save the record for travel

dr kapadia iftekhar shareef others
dr kapadia iftekhar shareef others

A.Q. Siddiqui

CHICAGO: The initial hesitation for Covid 19 vaccine is waning fast and more and more people are scrambling for Covid 19 Vaccine in Midwest. The desi community is not far behind in the race. Many community centers, mosques have opened their gates for the vaccine drive. In Chicago, few prominent community members were seen at Prism Health Lab with vaccine appointment this weekend.

Dr Mehbub Kapadia, Director Prism health and a social activist was present at the vaccine drive. He personally welcomed Iftekhar Shareef, the famous Indian community leader along with another prominent Indian community member Balvinder Singh. Dr Kapadia chose to vaccinate Iftekhar Shareef himself and requested the nurse to let him do so. He said it was pleasure meeting an old friend and community stalwart Iftekhar Shareef.

 Later, the trio Dr Kapadia, Iftekhar Shareef and Balvinder Singh shared few old Chicago memories. Dr Tariq Bhatt, a prominent Pakistani community member also joined them. Faizan of Evia Travel Chicago who was also in line for the vaccination, advised all to keep the vaccine CDC record safely. “Better keep it in phone,” he told to Iftekhar Shareef. “Soon, this vaccine record will be mandated as Travel Pass by many countries and used in all domestic and international travel. “Saudi Arabia has already announced that only Covid 19 vaccinated pilgrims will be allowed for Umrah and Hajj, many countries will be announcing soon as IATA is working on a world Travel Pass, he added.

Recently Indian Hajj committee in India has advised intending pilgrims for Hajj 2021 to get vaccinated. In a press notification, Hajj committee announced that Covid 19 Vaccine record will be a requirement for pilgrims if the Hajj is allowed for foreigners this year.

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