Grand celebration of Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti by Seniors of Chicago

Indian Seiors Of Chicago

Jayanti Oza

CHICAGO: A virtual General Meeting of the Indian Senior of Chicago was held on April 10 2021 with 130 members in attendance. President Dr. Narasimhabhai Patel welcomed the survey members outlining various programs today.

Mrs. Suryaben, a member of the organization, took note of the demise of Modi a member.  She paid tributes to Modi for his various services and devotion. Attendees expressed their feelings in a two-minute silence shift.

Mrs. Hemaben Shastri sang GaneshaStuti and Sarva Dharma Prarthana. Shri Bhupendrabhai and Smt. Geeta Suthar recited Shri Hanuman Chalisa. Professor Sharadbhai Shah, a member of the advisory committee of the institute, gave a simple explanation of Hanuman Chalisa noting that Hanuman Chalisa was composed by Tulsidasji.

Hanumanji an ocean of many virtues, is learned, is the lord of valor, ethics, adventure, patience, bravery and renunciation. Shri Hanumanji is a part of Lord Shankar. Is the protector of those who surrender. Hence called crisis relief deity. As a devotee of Rama, Rama played an important role in all the work from the search for Sitaji in Ashoka Vatika to the coronation of Shri Ram. Hanumanji being the son of Pawan is omnipresent. There is no limit to the time it takes to present before devotees

An Executive Committee Member Dilipbhai Patel showed the video of SankatMochan Hanuman Ashtak liked by seniors very much.  Naliniben Shah sang Shri Ramchandra Kripalu Bhajaman the bhajan beautifully to celebrate Ram Navami

Arvindbhai Kotak and Shri Bhupendrabhai Suthar took charge of members birthday celebration program. Bhupendrabhai mentioned the names of the members whose birthdays fall in the month of April and wished the survey members happy birthday.  Arvindbhai Kotak sang Bar Bar Ye Din Aaye Tum JiyoHazaroSal. He also shared some jokes.

Dilipbhai Patel showed a musical video of tribal dance. Two teams were then formed for the Antakadi program.  Arvind Kotak was the captain of the Alpha team and Bhupendrabhai Suthar was the captain of the Bravo team. A total of 77 members from both the teams participated in the inter-team competition. The 30-minute program featured a variety of songs. The members enjoyed the program a lot.  President Dr. Narasimhabhai Patel thanked the artists and other members who participated in the program

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