Grays Lake temple hosts Karaoke Mehfil

Karokee singers at Grays Lake Temple
Karokee singers at Grays Lake Temple

GRAYS LAKE: This Summer Season’s ‘Gata Rahe Mera Dil – Musical Night’, in its fourth consecutive year, is one of the most popular annual music lovers’ gathering at the Grayslake temple.

This is the place for singers to come and share their talents. The key organizers made a welcoming environment for new singers and readers of Shayari to start out at this friendly podium. Their remarkable slogan is “if you enjoy listening to music or singing your favorite song/s, this will be the perfect platform for you.”
Accordingly, Mehul Rami, Manish Sharma, Amit Dave, Ajay Patel, Sumit Varshney and Kalpesh Bagaria organized this event by putting together several local old and new music artists and singers to showcase their singing talents and entertain the audience. It was a fun packed evening that featured non-stop karaoke singing with multiple rounds of genre-based on Bollywood music for over 100 attendees.

Summer season has motivated the ‘Friends of Lake County’ group to present high-energy performances by local artists who sang a variety of old and new Bollywood songs. The melodious, enjoyable, and romantic songs of the night reflected the human feelings and love.

This memorable, mellow Music & Karaoke Night of Hindu Mandir of Lake County was held on a warm and pleasant night of Saturday, 23 August. Loving Shayari reading and over 40 Hindi melodious songs were sung by Radhika Chemburkar, Amit Dave, Sachin Kalgoankar, Sumit Varshney, Mehul Rami, Manish Sharma, and many new singers. Enthusiastic devotees dedicated songs to their loved ones.

Delicious dinner with mouthwatering snacks were served to the audience. The fare included yummy Mirchi Bajiyas, Samosa, Batata Bonda, Vada, Idli and hot masala tea. The devotees enjoyed their dinner while listening to mellow songs that made their memories of their teen and adolescent days, favorite actor and actresses including the legendary singers, afresh once again.

Geetha Patil

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