Grays Lake temple ushers in New Year with Ramayan Path

grays-arati2CHICAGO: The Hindu Mandir of Lake County ushered in New Year with great pomp and relgious fervor in the presence of scores of devotees and temple members.

The Akhand Ramayana Path was the prime attractiion and it started with stuti to Lord Ganesh and Ram Parivar accompanied by Vyasa Pujan by Pt. Anil Joshi. President Harsh Kumar, Madhup Dhaon, and Avinash Khodke along with more than a hundred devotees participated in the Pujan. Dedicated devotees carried out 24 hours continuous Ramayana Path.

At midnight, the temple devotees performed Aarti and chanted in chorus “Jai Shree Ram and Jai Hanuman” to obtain the blessings of the Lord for good things to happen throughout the New Year. In the morning, Sanjay Sharma and Mitilesh Sharma added lovely grace to the function by their melodious chanting of Ramayana and devotees by singing Bhajans with utmost religious devotion.

On January 1, 2015, the Akhand Ramayana Path Purti, and offering of Naivedyam were performed by Pt. Anil Joshi around 11 am. The Hanuman Chalisa sung by everyone filled the shrine with spiritual ether.
Pt. Joshi delivered a discourse on relevance of Ramayana in our daily life. He emphasized on the love and sacrifices made between Lord Ram, Lakshman, and Bharat. He narrated the importance of Paduka which were handed over to Bharat by Lord Ram and their role in protecting Ayodhya for 14 years. Lord Ram gave his divine power in the form of Paduka which represents the ‘Nirakar Roopa’ of the Lord. Bharat did Pujan and prayed to Paduka every day.

Pt. Joshi greeted and blessed everyone including sponsors and volunteers for contributing their time and pecuniary help to the upliftment of the temple. He motivated devotees to follow Dharma and Satya Marg all the time in life. After Maha Mangalarati, lip-smacking Maha Prasadam was served to devotees. More than 500 devotees and their families enjoyed the New Year program at Hindu Mandir of Lake County.

Early morning on that day, devotees also sought darshan of Lord Venkanteshwra as the New Year coincided with Vaikunta Ekadasi Pujan which was performed by Pt. Ganesh. The main significance of this Vaikunta Ekadasi is that Ketu takes position in the 12th, the sign of the Moon when liberation is possible, and Saturn takes position in the 8th sign of Scorpio, when a spiritual transformation is expected. Therefore worshiping of Lord Vishnu, who is facing the South on Vaikunta Ekadasi, blesses his devotees with Moksha and protects them from the influence of Yamaraj.

In the evening a very elaborate Abhishekam of Lord Venkanteshwar was performed followed by Poolangi Seva. Lord Venkateswara’s idol was decorated with beautiful flowers and more than 150 devotees witnessed his divine grace and felt blessed to have his magnificent darshan. Maha Prasad was served to all the devotees after Maha Mangalarati.

President Harsh Kumar profusely thanked all the devotees for their enthusiastic participation in the events. He also proposed his special thanks to temple priests, all the sponsors, volunteers and for helping the temple with their contribution and dedication.

Geetha Patil

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