Health Fair at Midwest Swaminarayan Temple

A patient being tested for BP by a medical professional at a previous Health Fair
A patient being tested for BP by a medical professional at a previous Health Fair

CHICAGO: A free Health Fair has been arranged at Midwest Swami Narayan Temple in Itasca, a northwest suburb of Chicago, on Sunday, October 11 between 8:15 am and 1 pm.

The Health Fair is one of the temple’s regular annual programs. Along with Midwest Swaminarayan Temple, other institutions including Lohana Association of Greater Chicago (LAGC), Gujarati Samaj of Chicago (GSC) and Kadva Patidar Samaj of Chicago (KPS) are co-sponsoring this event. This is the 37th Health Fair primarily organized by Jayantibhai Thakkar in Chicago land.

The fair is open to all in need of medical checkup and health related problems. Pre-registration is not required. Registration will start at the temple at 8 am and close at 11 am. Everyone is requested to register. All testing will be done by 1 pm

The checkup will include testing of Blood Pressure, Blood Testing, Blood Sugar, EKG, Urine analysis, Eye Screening, Bone Density tests, and ENT exam, Chiropractic Consultation, Physical Therapy, Dental Examination, Hearing Test, Diabetic education program and Physical Examination. Information about social services and benefits will also be provided.

This time 400 free flu shot will be given. The people who have Medicare should bring their Medicare card so that people who do not have Medicare will get free flu shots. Organizers have urged intending participants to bring the list of medicines that they are taking, so the doctor can review it and advise properly on medication.

Over 25 volunteer doctors and 85 health care professionals will provide their services for the event.
Patients requiring blood testing are requested to observe fasting for 12 hours before the test. Please do not take food or drinks after 8:00 pm from the previous night (Saturday night).

Jayanti Oza