Hindi Club of Illinois launches Pratibha Manch

Vijay Chopra

CHICAGO: With as much pageantry as allowed by the current Coronavirus environment but with lot of enthusiasm and participation, Hindi Club of Illinois (HCI) launched its online Hindi Pratibha Manch platform on Saturday May 30,2022 in Chicago

HCI Founder/President Gurbachan Kaur commenced this groundbreaking zoom serial event by introducing the Chief Guest. Ranjit Singh, Consul from Indian Consulate Chicago. Consul Singh inaugurated the event with Acharaya Joshi lighting the ceremonial lamp. Children from various Chicagoland communities with ages from 7 through 15 years presented their skills in Hindi through evoking prayers, singing variety of songs, dance, reciting Gita shlokas, speaking about coronavirus and how it has impacted their schooling and lives.

Everyone felt that during the current social restrictions this event was refreshing since it allowed children and their parents to engage in an online interactive social atmosphere. The event was also well attended by scores of individuals and their families during its live cast on Facebook.

In his closing remarks Consul. Ranjit Singh noted that the event was multidimensional exhibiting a bouquet of presentations while promoting our culture and language. He also encouraged the Hindi Club to maintain such activities in coming days

PRATIBHA MANCH by HCI is a new monthly online zoom event designed to promote and encourage usage of Hindi language among the Indian diaspora in the USA and Canada. It allows participants to showcase their skills in Hindi language and culture in singing, dancing, poetry recitals, speaking on topical events etc.

This event alternates every two weeks between Children (5 to 15 years) and Adults. We are always looking for new and talented participants particularly children. Please contact us on hindiclubevents@gmail.com or call Gurbachan Kaur, Founder/President, at (847) 962-8595 or Secretary, Vijay Chopra, at 708 704 7935.