Hindu prayer in Springfield by Jani

Nimish Jani (center) seen with State Representatives
Nimish Jani with State Representatives
Nimish Jani (center) seen with State Representatives

SPRINGFIELD: Nimish Jani on behalf of the BAPS Shree Swaminarayan Mandir on Monday April 9 offered invocation at the State Capital in Springfield.
In his opening remarks, he observed that this prayer he was to recite is
from Rigveda, and is over 5000 years old and it is called Shanti Paath.

This was a historic moment, as first time ever a Hindu prayer was performed at the State Capital. “It is a proud moment for community,” he said.

In his turn, Nimish Jani offered his thanks to State Representative Michelle Mussman for sponsoring and facilitating the prayer event

After invocation many legislators came to congratulate Nimish Jani. Among them were Jennie Ives, Christine Winger, Tom Morrison, David Olson and David Harris.