Hindu Sindh Foundation host’s virtual seminar on Dr. Saveera Parkash

Hindu Sindh Foundation
Dr. Saveera Parkash

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CHICAGO: The Hindu Sindh Foundation (HSF) is a registered charity organization in the USA that works for the upliftment and advancement of disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in Sindh, Pakistan. HSF is currently focusing on aiding persecuted families and empowering marginalized communities without any bias.

This organization has made a commitment to elevate women’s rights and enhance children’s education standards. Additionally, we strive to facilitate pilgrimage opportunities for widows, advocate for girls’ education, and undertake research projects focused on temples in Sindh and across Pakistan.

The webinar achieved significant success, drawing participation from a diverse range of individuals. HSF effectively fostered dialogue on numerous topics, demonstrating the Foundation’s commitment to empowering women in Pakistan.

The seminar started with a captivating discourse on the rich heritage of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, known for its scenic landscapes and esteemed cultural heritage. Embracing inclusivity, the Foundation extended invitations to those dedicated to preserving Sindhi culture, urging them to collaborate in furthering this worthy endeavor.

A notable highlight of the seminar was Dr. Saveera Parkash, Pakistan’s First Hindu Woman Nominated for Provincial Elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, District Buner. Dr. Parkash’s decision to venture into politics was fueled by her desire to address healthcare disparities and support marginalized women. Despite facing significant challenges, including gender bias, Dr. Parkash remains steadfast in her dedication to healthcare, education, and environmental conservation, serving as a beacon of hope for her constituents.

In  her opening remarks, she expressed gratitude for the warm welcome extended by the Foundation. She underscored her aspiration to act as a catalyst for change, particularly in the fields of healthcare, education, and environmental conservation, all of which she views as essential for crafting a sustainable future for her community.

Her campaign resonated deeply with the people of her region, receiving widespread support from both young and old. While she did not secure a seat in the election, her candidacy has laid a strong foundation for future advocacy and grassroots mobilization.

Dr. Parkash’s commendable actions underscore the pressing need for equitable representation and the inclusion of minority communities in Pakistan’s political landscape. Her unwavering commitment to social causes stands as a testament to her perseverance and dedication to her community’s welfare.

Throughout the webinar, attendees expressed concerns about the issue of forced conversions faced by Hindus in Sindh for the past 15 years, and the apparent lack of response from the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). Dr. Parkash, although not personally affected by this issue in her district of Buner, pledged to raise her voice and advocate for change moving forward. She emphasized the importance of unity in addressing common challenges faced by both minority and majority communities.

“We are all united by common issues and aspirations,” she stated. “I am committed to representing the interests of all communities, regardless of their backgrounds.”

The Hindu Sindh Foundation continues its  efforts towards creating a more equitable and inclusive society in Pakistan. Their collective endeavors and initiatives aim to advocate for the rights and welfare of all communities, regardless of religion or ethnicity.

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