Panchabhoota Linga Shiva

India Post News Service

Sri Vidya Dance School based out of Sunnyvale, CA collaborated with multi-talented Gurus of the Bay Area to bring “Panchabhoota Linga Shiva”. The idea was to share the various aspects of Lord Shiva through different Indian Classical Art forms and at the same time bring the Vedic scriptures associated with each Shiva Linga.

Panchabhoota Linga ShivaThe concept was initiated by Smt. Akila Rao, Artistic Director of Sri Vidya Dance School. It was truly wonderful to collaborate with these Gurus and the Students of

Smt. Bidisha Mohanty, Artistic Director of Indraadhanush-Center for Excellence;
Smt. Anupama Srivastava, Artistic Director of Insync Kathak;
Smt. Madhuri Kishore, Artistic Director of Madhuri Kishore School of Kuchipudi and
Smt. Bhairavi Nedungadi, Artistic Director Of Sreepadmam School of Dance.

Panchabhoota Linga ShivaThe original music was composed by Smt. Snigdha Venkataramani, a wonderfully talented musician, and Bharatanatyam Guru of the Bay Area. The music ensemble was
Sri. Prakash Rao
Dr. Bhavani Prakash and Chi.
Skanda Prasad Rao from New Jersey,
Sri. Sadha Parasuraman from Arizona,
Sri. Srinivas Sarepalle from the Bay Area and Sri. Ramamurthi Kesavan from India.

Panchabhoota Linga ShivaThe coordination of the students of each school depicting the five elements was choreographed with precision and poise. In addition, the finale of Desh Thillana had a special message to the community – “Let us come together as one, invoke the Panchalinga Linga Shiva in each of us and bring the world together”. With the entire team on the stage, it really struck a chord in each of the audience as it brought a sense of community through the art.