Holi Hungama at Fremont Hindu Temple

3-webFREMONT, CA: For ages, Holi festival has signified victory of truth and righteousness over Evil. Second day of Holi is traditionally celebrated with friends and family getting together, enjoying the Spring weather, applying colors on each other and having delicious snacks.
Over 5000 people thronged Fremont temple on Sunday, March 31 to celebrate the festival and have a blast. Devotees filled every inch of temple premises and their cars occupied all streets in mile long neighborhood. People from all over Bay area came and participated in the festivities. Many dignitaries and community leaders participated in Holi. Dr Romesh Japra, Convener FIA, said that celebrating festivals like Holi allows our kids to stay in touch with Indian heritage and imbibe the values that we all hope to impart to our next generation.
The day started at 11am with over 50 cultural performances by kids and adults alike. Many dance groups from Bay area showcased their talented troupes. Everyone went ga ga with the Holi colors and the whole gathering became a big family, with everyone wishing others Happy Holi and applying color. Festivities went on till 5pm. Manohar Sudakha Vidyarthi sponsored free Preeti Bhoj for all devotees.

Ritu Maheshwari
India Post News Service

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