Honors galore for tough Marathon Mohit

Mohit Gala, the marathon runner

MILWAUKEE: Mohit Gala, a well placed software engineer in Louisiana, would be probably the first Indian American to have successfully participated in a number of Half Marathons, Marathons and Ultra Marathon in this country. These involved running a distance of 13 to 50 miles which is more than the usual 26 miles for a marathon run.

The Ultra Marathon also involves running, hiking and climbing 3000 to 5000 ft of mountain terrain and is considered very tough with limited participation

Gala had run three marathons including two Ultras this year only in States of Utah, Washington DC and Wisconsin. In a talk with this paper he said the Ultra marathon involving hiking hilly and mountainous areas replete with rivulets, uneven terrain and bumpy roads, is the most difficult. He has successfully participated in 21 marathons in the past ten years and probably ran at all the States that had marathon runs held and organized.

This is a record for any Indian American as it involves huge physical fitness and perfect health. The Ultra Marathon organizers great care in filtering the runners and even after the runs they have to go through a series of stretching exercises and even Yogas. Mohit has so far participated in 21 marathons that included 4 half marathons (approximates 13 miles) 12 full marathons 26 miles and three Ultra Marathons covering 80 kilometers or 50; and two Ultra mountainous marathons.

He has amassed a good number of medals and awards. The way he keeps himself fit and runnable, he is likely to be among those who have the highest number of medals. Apart from that he has the distinction of being the only Indian runner who has participated in large number of Marathons and Ultra Marathons and received a number of honors and medals.

An electronic engineer, Mohit hails from a small village, Sadau, in Kutch Gujarat area but got settled in Mumbai where he used to cycle his way to Churchgate from Vile Parle – two Mumbai suburbs.

With engineering degree from Mangalore University, he migrated to USA fourteen years ago on a company transfer and then he stayed put here. He is in an executive position with 10 to 12 software engineers working under him. He is married to Jyoti Gharod who is working as perfusionist in reputed local hospitals, including one in Washington DC.

Hemant Vakharia

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