Humad Jain Samaj (2)

Humad Jain Samaj (1)India Post News Service

SUNNYVALE, CA: Bay Area Indians took advantage of waning Covid pandemic and got together to celebrate Diwali.  Humad Jain Samaj of Pratapgarh celebrated Diwali on November 14, 2021 at Vishnuji Ki Rasoi in Sunnyvale. 

Humad community continued its 20 year tradition to bring the community together. This year Diwali event gave an opportunity for new residents and members to become part of well knit group. They had dance performances and played Antakshari. Yogendra Bobra  said, “I started the first event and new people are continuing our traditions. This gives me tremendous joy to see new members being welcomed and supported.” Sapan said, “Our main goal in holding this event is to grow our community and help our youngsters stay connected to our traditions and heritage.”