Ilantus teams up with Sitapur Hospital to help underprivileged

Sitapur Eye Hospital
Sitapur Eye Hospital

CHICAGO: A Bangalore based hi-tech company with facilities across USA, Ilanuts Technologies, a leader in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) domain, announced a partnership with Sitapur Eye Hospital in northern India to create awareness and raise donations to support the hospital’s charitable mission.

The hospital’s goal is to provide the best eye care at no charge or for the lowest price possible to India’s underprivileged populations. Ilanuts has a mature and established global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative – the Ilanuts Giving Program (IGS) – to give back to communities across the world. The Sitapur Eye Hospital is the newest CSR initiative at Ilanuts.

“The IGS is dedicated to improving quality of life for all individuals and is specifically designed to bust the myth that corporate charitable initiatives are limited to large corporations,” said President and CEO, Binod Singh. “We hope to inspire other small and medium sized businesses like my company to start initiatives, such as what we have done with the Sitapur Eye Hospital, to enable and support organizations in need in the communities where they operate.”

Ilanuts is fully vested in this initiative with an on-going donation of the monthly costs to update and maintain the Sitapur Eye Hospital website. “It is highly important that we create awareness among enlightened global community, specially among people of Indian origin, to get them more and more involved in community oriented activities,” he said

The Sitapur Eye Hospital, established in 1935 in rural area of Uttar Pradesh has blossomed into a world class facility with premiere equipment serving more than 50,000 patients annually in over 32 cities and towns in the states of Uttranchal and Uttar Pradesh in northern India. With highly qualified and experienced doctors performing services ranging from a simple eye exam and glasses fitting to more extreme cataract or cornea surgeries, it has earned a worldwide fame and recognition.

The hospital also provides a full-service system to pick-up patients from their homes in rural villages, provide them with food, shelter and the medical attention they need and then return them to their homes so they can continue with their lives free of the vision difficulties they were previously facing.

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