Indian American Hindus protest before Consulate

web13NEW YORK: A protest by 100 strong Indian American Hindus was organized by Indian American Intellectuals Forum in New York September 2 near Indian Consulate to express their repugnance and revulsion against “burning of Hindu villages by Bangladeshi Muslims in collusion with Muslims from Assam and West Bengal and making thousands of Hindus (Bodos) refugees in their own country.”
The protesters said that India is in danger. After Kashmir, Radical Islam is taking over Assam in the North East. Jihad is spreading far and wide.
The protesters expressed their abhorrence at the inaction and apathy on the part of Government of India in handling the riots in Mumbai by 50,000 Muslims, who, armed with petrol cans and plastic bottles, hockey sticks, iron rods, damaged the police vans, stole their guns and ammunition, injured more than 50 policemen, molested the policewomen, burnt the city’s transport system, smashed journalists’ TV cameras, vandalized War Memorial and held the entire Mumbai City to ransom, in broad day light.
The protesters held responsible the ruling Congress Government of India for not taking stern action against Kashmiri Muslim militants who fought pitched battles with India’s security forces in the month of Ramadan, chopped of one Hindu teacher’s hand in Rajasthan, killed one Hindu boy in Kerala, attacked TV journalists in Lucknow, did not allow Hindus to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna (Janamashthami) in Ranchi, and in cooperation with Pakistani Muslims sent thousands of SMS messages to North East residents in Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad and threatened them to leave these cities otherwise they would be killed.
Instead of punishing the perpetrators of the above mentioned crimes, the Congress Government banned Hindu websites, Facebook and Twitter.
The Protesters also blamed the Congress Party of Sonia Gandhi for taking income from Hindu temples and giving it to Muslims to build mosques, run Madrassas and go to Mecca for Haj.
Every month 20-25 Hindu girls are abducted by Muslims, forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men. The Congress Government is doing nothing to ameliorate the miserable plight of these unfortunate girls.
Half a million Kashmiri Hindus have been ethnically cleansed from the Kashmir Valley, but the Government of India is taking no action to resettle them back in the Valley.
Infiltration by Bangladeshi Muslims tantamounts to an invasion of India by foreigners sponsored by Congress Party, Communist Party and supported by Jihadists in Assam and West Bengal. The aim of this insidious design is to keep the Congress in power and help Muslims to Islamize India.
The protest was supported by Mr. Gaurang Vaishanav of Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America, Mr. Satya Dosapati of Hindu Human Rights Watch, Dr. Kumar Arun of India Heritage Foundation, Lansing, Michigan and Panun Kashmir International. The unique feature of this protest was that it was supported by non-Hindu American groups such as “Stop Islamization of America” of Pamela Geller, “Human Rights Coalition Against Radical Islam” of Dr. Marvin Belsky, “The United West” of Mr. Stuard Kaufman, and several other groups.
A copy of the memorandum addressed to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was sent by email to the Consul General of India.

Narain Kataria

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