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CHICAGO: A host of frontline community leaders hosted an interactive ‘Community Reception’ for Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi at the Radisson Hotel in Schaumburg on September 9, 2021to help propel the community’s vision/agenda and to discuss the trajectory of the nation and the challenges it faces –.

Several community stalwarts apprised Raja Krishnamoorthi of the Indian American agenda and engaged in a dialogue on topics central to the community. They spotlighted the congressional leadership of Raja Krishnamoorthi and commended him for his steadfast engagement in finding legislative solutions to the problems faced by American families.

Raja Krishnamoorthi spelled out his vision, praised the Indian Americans for bringing glory to the nation with their extraordinary contributions. He also observed that America works best “when we work together” and thanked the leaders of the Indian American community for spearheading many humanitarian causes during the pandemic. He also outlined his vision for reforming the immigration system and help those immigrants languishing in the backlog for a speedier dispensation of providing the green cards.

Earlier, Keerthi Kumar Ravoori, presiding the event as Co-Chair described Raja Krishnamoorthi as a ‘legislative genius’ who would pursue meaningful legislative agenda by formulating people-centric public policies and legislations to uplift Americans.  Ajeet Singh Co-Chair welcomed the guests and thanked Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthifor robust civic engagement adding that he has endeared himself to the community with his zest.

Sunil Shah, FIA’s Founder President said THAT the Congressman brings renewed hope TO the Americans with his series of meaningful legislative actions. Introducing Raja Krishnamoorthi, Miss Ena Agnihotri, CEO of the Radisson Hotel, Schaumburg praised him for inspiring leadership and called him the champion of the people.

Krishnamoorthi released the book entitled ‘Pardesi Mann’ – an anthology of poems authored by Samhita Agnihotri that talked about her personal human experiences during the Covid phase. She presented a brief overview about the content of the poems and presentedthe first copy to Raja Krishnamoorthi.

Other featured speakers at the community meet included Dr. Sreenivas Reddy, Neelam Diwedi, HarishKolasani, Hitesh Gandhi, Hanumantha Reddy, Ajai Agnihotri among others.