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New York: ABL – Indira Projects JV – A Joint venture between Ashoka Buildcon and Chennai based Indira Projects & Developments signed a $48 Million (Rs. 350 Crore) infrastructure contract with Maldives Police Service for the design and construction of Police stations, barracks and detention center facilities.

The Indian EXIM Bank is funding 85% of the total construction cost through Buyers credit facility.  The Indian government is having cordial relationship with the Maldives government and the construction of the police facilities in Maldives will be a milestone project of both Governments relationship.

Bhupesh Nagarajan, Chairman of Indira Projects is a graduate Civil Engineer having experience in the construction industry in India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. Indira Projects recently incorporated in Maldives. Indira Projects is a Patron Member of Builders Association of India and Indian Green building Association. Indira Projects is an associate member of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FICCI) and also it is a corporate member of TCC and Tamil Chamber of Commerce.

Indira Projects is a corporate member of CII [Confederation of Indian Industry]. Bhupesh Nagarajan is the convener of FICCI TN Council (Infrastructure). This agreement was signed by Commissioner of Police of Maldives Police Mohammed Hammed and ABL Indira projects JV’s Chairman Bhupesh Nagarajan in the presence of Indian High Commissioner to Maldives Sanjay Sudhir and other dignitaries from Maldives Government.

Bhupesh Nagarajan said the Government of Maldives, aims to improve the Maldives Police infrastructures including Island Police stations, Island Police post, Atoll police stations, Male and Hulhumale Police stations, Police staff Barracks, Facility Extension and One detention center in Dhonidhoo island in total 61 Facilities in different 61 Islands of Maldives.

The improvement of Maldives police facilities will support the law enforcement system more effectively and improve the overall law and order situation of Maldives.  The implementation of this project will support Maldives government’s vision to make the Maldives a beautiful, bright, and safer Country for Maldivians and tourists from all over the world. This Project is awarded to ABL Indira Projects JV – Joint venture between Indira Project & Developments Private Limited, India and Ashoka Buildcon limited, India.

The value of the project is USD 48.1 Million dollars in which 85% is funded by EXIM Bank India as loan facility for 12 years. It’s a design and built project. The contractor will design the project according to Maldives regulations and International regulations including Mandela regulation for detention centre. The project is spread out in 61 different islands from north to south of Maldives covering entire region of the country.

Maldives government aims that this project will lead to the establishment of police stations across Maldives, and facilitates the delivery of modern and democratic services required by the people in a decentralized system. It will also allow for the establishment of infrastructure that will meet international standards for detention and meet basic requirements for police facilities.

More than 500 laborers and 100 engineers required for the project will be taken from Tamil Nadu and preference will be given to those who had lost their jobs and returned from the Gulf nations. Three Indian companies participated in the tender. The company plans to take infrastructure development projects in Africa and Mauritius and plan to go global. Talks are underway. Total area to be constructed is 750,000 square feet in all across Maldives

The raw materials required for construction will be sourced from Tamil Nadu providing indirect employment. The company has consultancy office in Singapore and Maldives and planning to scale up the operations. Plans are afoot to hire special airplanes to take workers to Maldives. Maldives will issue work visas to Indian workers and engineers who have taken two doses of vaccination and there is no quarantine.

The ground breaking will be held in October jointly by the President of Maldives and top Indian leader to be decided soon in the presence of India’s High Commissioner to Maldives who is extending his full support for the project. It will be completed in less than three years. The approved Maldives salary structure will be followed in the payment of salaries to workers and engineers. The Company is now building a beach resort in Marakkanam with 150 rooms. The agreement was signed by Bhupesh Nagarajan and Mohammed Hameed, Commissioner of Police, Maldives Police Service.