Indian Engineers’ Assoc. meet Illinois Elected officials

IEA Team with Elected Officials (2)

India Post News Service

CHICAGO: American Association of Engineers of Indian Origin (AAEIO) had a detailed discussion with Illinois elected officials on how Illinois government can benefit Indians living in Illinois and what are the areas Illinois senate and AAEIO can work together to benefit Indian Engineers and Indian community in Illinois.

The Senate team was led by Senate President Senator Don Harmon, Senate Deputy Majority leader Senator Laura Murphy, Senator Laura Murphy, Senator Ann Gillespie, State Rep. Seth Lewis, State Rep. Mark Walker, Cook County Board Commissioner Kevin Morrison, and Candidate for Cook County Commissioner Maggie Trever.  TheAAEIO team was led by President Gladson Varghese, Summit and Gala Chairman Dr. Deepak Kant Vyas, Co-Chairman Dr. Promod Vohra, Board of Director Rajinder Bir Singh Mago.

There will be an hour long detailed Panel discussion on the same subjects at the U.S-India Global summit on September 17, 2022at Oakbrook Marriott led by Senate President Senator Don Harmon and Senate deputy Majority leader Senator Laura Murphy.

Other topics of discussions at the meeting were Indian Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation can create high paying jobs in Illinois, What are the benefits Illinois government can provide for Start-up companies, What are the tax incentives start-up companies get from state of Illinois, how can we create more Internships, scholarships and Apprenticeship program for Engineering students, and how can we attract more Indian owned businesses to Illinois.

AAEIO will host a follow up meeting will be help at spring field with Governor and other senators. Commissioner Kevin Morrison mentioned Cook County will start better STEM programs and will take initiatives to support low-income people to start businesses in Cook County.  AAEIO is also planning to host a Job fair along with Cook County in November 2022to benefit the Indian Engineers and community.