Indian Seniors of Chicago Celebrate 75th Republic Day

Indian Seniors of Chicago

Indian Seniors of Chicago Jayanti Oza

CHICAGO:Indian Seniors of Chicago‘ On January 27, 2023, organized a program to celebrate the Republic Day of India and the Shobha Yatra of Ram Rath.

Members’ birthdays got also celebrated; the new members were introduced and felicitated. Bipin Shah dressed up as India’s national flag bearer, Jyotsna Shah as Bharat Mata, Shivabhai as Gandhiji, Saroj Patel as Sushma Swaraj, Ramesh Patel as Adityanath Yogi and Nalin and Chandrika Shah as Gujarati Nagar Seth captivated the sprit of the day.

Indian Seniors of Chicago Ram Rath was led by Group President Narsinghbhai Patel. Vinubhai Darji and Geeta Suthar and other members. They took part in the procession to Ramrath. Bhupendra Suthar who was in N.C.C.; held a ‘C’ certificate and attained the rank of Lieutenant.

He presided over the Republic Day celebrations for the meeting. Group presidents were invited to salute the flag and the group sang national anthems while the flag was waved. Pushpa Parekh sang ‘Ae Mere Vatana ke Logo’ in melodious voice and got the members immersed in patriotism. The meeting was concluded with a delicious meal.

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