Indians excited over Modi’s Houston event



CHICAGO:  Members of the Indian-American community across the US from all walks of life are hugely excited over Prime Minister Narendra Modi coming to Houston on a short visit. Thousands from all over America would be flocking to this US city to meet and greet Modi in the “Howdy Modi” event.

From Chicagoland alone, over 1,050 people would fly or motor down or go by bus to Houston. India Post talked to a few community activists and leaders about their views on Modi’s visit.

Dr Bharat Barai, a front-ranking community activist and practising oncologist in the state of Indiana, said that Modi has proved his mettle as a leader in a short period of time taking India way up on the global arena.

“He is popular and yet not hesitant in taking bold and seemingly unpopular decisions- if it is for the good of the country,” Barai said. 

“We wanted the PM to come to Chicago this time but he felt that a visit to one of the southern states would be appropriate and Chicago can wait,. We appreciated his line of thinking and wait for the auspicious time in the future – not far off future – for him to come to our city. He has accepted in principle our invitation.”

Sunil Shah, the founder president of the Federation of Indian Associations, said that it would be a historical, record breaking visit.

“It would be stupendous and breathtaking moments for more than 50,000 Indians who have registered  to attend this mammoth event in Houston, Texas,” Shah said.

Dr Dayal Meshri, president of Advance Research Chemical, Tulsa, Oklahoma, said that “we the people of Indian origin have been always very excited to welcome, meet, and greet a dynamic, non-corrupt self-sacrificing leader”.

“I have been very much amazed during my very few short meetings with him,” Meshri said.

“I found an exceptionally intelligent person who  has an extraordinary ability to grasp any topic very fast and  will immediately  assign  that task  to his fully knowledgeable staff and ask him/ her  to study the matter and contact  the appropriate  persons who can resolve the matter.” 

Dr Kiran Patel, a community activist in Florida and a former president of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) Modi is a selfless man committed to make India great.  He has vision, courage and determination- all qualities to make a person a successful leader.

“In his five years at the helm in India, he has strived and struggled to realize his aim and vision, and has succeeded in his efforts to a great extent,” Patel said.

“India has emerged as a successful and strong nation, Indians can with pride and justification say that they are Indians or have roots in India.

“I strongly feel that  NaMo has done his part and it is up to the Indian diaspora and people of Indian origin abroad to advance the cause of India and make the country look really great.” 

Dr Sudhir Brahmbhat, a front-ranking community leader in St Louis, Missouri, said that after the major steps of abrogating Article 370 of the Indian Constitution that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, “it is very exciting to welcome our beloved Prime Minister Modi in the US”. 

“Also, it is very interesting that he will address the UN for the first time after winning the second term as PM of India,” Brahmbhat said. 

“As the world commemorates Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary, Modi will also host a special event ‘Leadership Matters: Relevance of Gandhi in the Contemporary World’ September 24 in the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Chamber in the UN headquarters”.

Nirav Patel, a community leader in Chicago heading the local BJP chapter said: “We are so excited to welcome our Prime Minister Modi in Houston, Texas. We are expecting the PM will announce some exciting news for NRIs as he always gave us pleasant surprises in the past.”

Anil Shah, president of  World Money Exchange, said that Modi’s visit this time assumes huge importance in the light of the Indian government doing away with the special status provision for Jammu and Kashmir.

“The Prime Minister would be explaining the government’s views so that it is appreciated in true light  that Kashmir is a part of India not of Pakistan,” he said

Vinesh Virani, a businessman and a community activist in Chicagoland, said Modi’s coming to the US is a historical event in that he would be the first democratically elected leader representing the largest democracy in the world to get an unprecedented reception and welcome in this country not only from people of Indian origin but also from the members of other communities too.

“Indians have reason to be joyful as never before as they can proudly say that they represent a united India where all states and all citizens are treated equally and with dignity,” he said.

Hitesh Gandhi, president of Gandhi Samaj Chicago, said that his organization joins thousands of Indian-Americans in extending a warm welcome to Modi.

“We pray for his good health and sincerely wish that he comes to Chicago if not this time but in the very foreseeable future since Chicago is hugely famous after Swami Vivekananda made a historic address at the world famous  Art Institute over a hundred years ago,” Gandhi stated.

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