Jalaram Mandir Health Fair a big success

Needy Bhutanese patients
Needy Bhutanese patients

CHICAGO: It was the fourth Health Fair in as many years that was successfully hosted and organized by Hoffman Estate based Shree Jalaram Mandir recently with over 300 needy and somewhat under insured or uninsured participants taking advantage of the facility available.

Sewa International, yet another no profit service organization, had enrolled 40 participants for testing and checking their problems. They were largely from the Bhutan refugees group.

The entire affair was carried out with utmost precision right from the morning to late noon with the help of Mandir volunteers and medical personnel who rendered their help ex-gracias or pro bono. Broadly the services included blood work, EKG, bone density, dental check up. An enlightening talk on breast cancer was also held.

Among the physicians who rendered their services were Dr Ashis Patel, Dr Ashok Shah, Dr Jayshree Raju, Dr Parag Thakkar and Dr Yogesh Parikh
The Mandir is now set for entering the second phase of its expansion with a plan to construct an altogether new facility nearby to accommodate more devotees and with facilities to organize more events and functions. The Bhoomi Pujan is slated for Friday May 9 at the Mandir premises.

Yogesh Thakkar