Janmastami celebrated at Hindu temple in Chicago

Lord Krishna puja being performed by priests Anil Joshi and Ganesh at Grayslake temple
Lord Krishna puja being performed by priests Anil Joshi and Ganesh at Grayslake temple
Krishna Darshan by Devotees (1)
Devotees gather for Krishna darshan and worship


Chicago: Janmashtami, the festival to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna, was held with great fervor and zeal August 23at the Hindu Mandir of Lake County, Grayslake, a northside suburb of Chicago Among the programs was a hand-driven cart procession by about 40 children who dressed up as young Lord Krishna and Radha.
In the parking lot of the temple, there was the breaking of Dahi Handi filled with candies by children in two places. There was a presentation of dance-drama touching upon the life of Krishna and recitation of chapters 11 and 12 of Bhagavad Gita by young children. Athul Soni, Sangeetha Singh and Rita Patel sang devotional bhajans.

The main program began with sponsor Sankalpam of Urmila, Magan Bhai and family followed by Lord Ganesh Puja, Abhishekam and Alankaram of baby Krishna by priests Anil Joshi Ganesh. Vedic Mantras were chanted by priest Yogesh Pandey. Baby Krishna was placed on a decorated swing with the chanting of “Haathi Godha Pala Ki, Jai Kannaya Lal Ki”.

Anil Joshi delivered a brief Krishna philosophy pravachan reciting several verses. Lord Krishna’s teachings, he said, are meant not for one religious group but these are for the whole world and the community at large. He further said that life-giving resources of nature are meant to be used responsibly but should not over-used or misused.

Presenting of baby Krishna idol to Joshi
Presenting of baby Krishna idol to Joshi

After midnight, Nevedyam of home-made traditional food and fruits and Maha Magalarati were performed with utmost devotion by more than 200 devotees.
Joshi thanked everyone for their active participation, especially the children including those who chanted Bhagavad Gita.
Different types of prasad were distributed to both fasting and non-fasting devotees.